8 Great Ways To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

The internet has now opened the door for businesses to sell items to a global audience, with the advent of the e-commerce model. This includes businesses that have storefronts or simply a vibrant and active presence online.  To grow your e-commerce business, you must have the right strategies in hand. Here are the different ways you can grow your e-commerce business plus your online store:

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1. Upselling and Cross-selling Products

Whether you can get e-commerce customers to switch to a more premier product by upselling or purchase products at the same level by opting for a cross-sell, it will surely boost your e-commerce business bottom-lines and profits. It will also ensure that you leverage customer retention and client loyalty to the fullest possible extent, as your trusted customer base will pay the premium price for better products.

2. Lower or Cut Down On Cart Abandonment Rates

Research shows that for every 100 customers visiting the website, as many as 60 to 70 will abandon their shopping cart. This is why a lot of businesses are losing money online. If you can reduce cart abandonment rates, your sales figures would jump to a new high. It will boost conversions and sales volume as well. Customers will abandon the cart on account of price and additional fees. If the same product can be found at cheaper rates elsewhere, carts may be abandoned. There are different ways to curtail the abandonment rate and this includes follow-up emails. Other ways include reminding customers of the great deals they abandoned in the cart, grabbing their attention through persuasive copy and photos to draw them back in. Send customers a discount code or even hold items for them, and you will be rewarded with a sale.

3. Use Social Media

One of the top drivers of e-commerce is social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and YouTube are the top of social media sites, depending on the business niche or specialization. Social media could drive more sales than ever, and not jumping on to this bandwagon can mean missing out a significant opportunity to increase business sales.

4. Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Affiliate associates can help you to get more out of your marketing efforts. This means increase in sales and free marketing for your products and business. Additionally, you only pay for the sales that actually come  through.

Influencer marketing can also boost your marketing reach, more than any high-profile celeb. Word-of-mouth marketing has the power to influence e-commerce consumer purchases more so than anything else. People tend to listen, when those known to them share a good review for a product or service.

5. Use Creativity

Innovation is the name of the game. Improve product descriptions and presentations. Avoid the use of standard descriptions and give your words the extra edge, and your marketing message the power to be compelling. Concise, SEO-friendly and consistent messaging is the key to success. Social proof is the key to success, as is effective social listening.

6. Target The Right Audience

E-commerce success is based on reputable, accessible and positive online presence. Target the right audience and identify and base the marketing strategies based on demographic characteristics of the buyers who benefit most from your services and products.

7. Understand The Power of Email Marketing

Research by McKinsey found that email is 40x times better at acquisition of online customers than Facebook and Twitter combined! The email marketing campaign is a wonderfully personalized way to reach a wide audience. Email offers more traditional and familiar communication channels for a lot of people, and builds the brand’s reputation as one which has marketing relevance.

8. Create Credible, Unique Content

Internet-based e-commerce businesses are judged for their credibility and online visibility as against customer engagement. Search engines also bestow a distinction in ranking to sites which contain unique and engaging content. Content is king, whether it is through infographics, video or even graphics and not just text. Content that is attractive without compromising on load speeds is extremely vital. For example, with increase in load speed, Amazon reported a 1% revenue rise for every 100 milliseconds and Google even holds that fast load speeds boost SERP.


So, whether it is through well crafted emails, clever social media campaigns or even powerful content, and techniques for lowering cart abandonment, the beauty of using these methods for growing your e-commerce business is the multiple returns you get. For the powerful and best e-commerce software templates in India, look no further than Mart2Web. At the helm of e-commerce software in India, Mart2Web offers a strong and powerful e-commerce platform for online businesses seeking growth.

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