How to Make your First eCommerce Website

With the presence of online retail giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and with the intense growth of eCommerce website companies, it is a contributing factor to how newer entrants in the eCommerce sphere conduct business and advance alongside. The current landscape of eCommerce has raised the bar of online shopping, offering a wide-ranging selection, low prices, convenient delivery, free shipping and easy returns. This has given rise to many players who want to join the eCommerce bandwagon.

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As an eCommerce market player, you will have to address customer’s shopping experiences with solutions that are easy, reliable and convenient, ensuring that the your very first eCommerce website is designed to meet customer expectations across a variety of parameters. Some of these are:

Customer – friendly – The upsurge in eCommerce websites and online retail has witnessed a breed of customers who want to dictate their own terms, whenever and wherever they are, irrespective of any device or channel. As you design your first eCommerce website, you will have to ensure that it as user -friendly and convenient as possible. Most eCommerce companies make a distinction between physical stores and their digital counterparts as two different experiences, but your customers do not, and expect both these worlds to blend effortlessly. Accurate and reliable inventory information, secure transactions, convenient shipping and guaranteed returns and exchanges provide your customers the convenience and satisfaction of shopping from your eCommerce website.

Safety and security – Though, customers these days are no longer hesitant to share personal and vital information on eCommerce sites, it is necessary to ensure heightened privacy and security assurance when you create your eCommerce website. In light of recent incidents involving security and data breaches with well renowned companies, customers have become wary and their trust has seemed to take a dent. They need to make them feel safe and provide the assurance that your eCommerce website does have the proper security measures and protections in place is incumbent. So, make sure that address these concerns proactively, invest with a eCommerce design company, who can provide the necessary eCommerce solutions and help you navigate these channels better.

Wider choices – Along with shopping conveniences and security measures, you need to understand that customers are also looking for a wider range of options. Not just based on selection of products and services available, but what they want from your website are the choices for payments, shipping, delivery and even channels of communication. An eCommerce website that allows users this kind of flexibility, enables an improved shopping experience based on their needs. The fact is that users have come to expect eCommerce websites to give them a variety of options, which is why it becomes necessary to design your website suitably. Here again, an eCommerce solutions company will be able to develop these very standards for you. For instance, integrating your website with a range of payment methods such as Paypal, Credit cards, Net banking, eWallets and many more is something you can rely on an eCommerce website design company for.

Experience –  An integral part of designing your first eCommerce website, will be to create that wow factor. The very reason why customers will flock to your website will be determined by the ‘out of the box’ appeal of your website. As more and more eCommerce websites emerge, so does customers comfort level with them, and so do their expectations of a great website with elements of awe and delight. Your website should focus on details such as stunning templates, and better still if they are customization, nothing sells better than if you bring a personal touch to your brand. All these digital experiences are extensions of the real world and ways in which your eCommerce website can set itself apart.


As you foray into creating your first eCommerce website, it is important to evaluate the evolving landscape of the eCommerce market and how these very changes will affect the way your customers expect to engage with your website. It is these very customer perceptions based on their experiences that will ensure the success of your eCommerce website.

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