How to Create an eCommerce Website with Mart2Web for your Business

If we are to look back on the online shopping behaviors and eCommerce websites of the past and compare them to the customer trends, expectations and market challengers of today, the evolution in this field has been dramatic. Shoppers today have come to expect a rich and varied experience from online shopping such as diverse purchasing options, seamless transactions, faster shipping and much more from their online shopping.

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Though designers have rewritten the entire set of eCommerce website creation rules, which have substantially improved eCommerce user experience, it is essential to ensure that you engage with the best eCommerce online store builder.

Why you need the Mart2Web advantage?

Mart2Web holds the distinction of being the leading eCommerce website builder in India providing the best in eCommerce solutions to our clients. Our core team of developers and designers have built an efficient eCommerce software that offers attractive, compatible and customization eCommerce website templates to give users a superlative experience. What makes us say that it is such a rich offering is because our templates support score of themes right from lifestyle, clothing, accessories, beauty, health and wellness, to many more. And it is not just in richness of themes, but our templates are also designed to be SEO friendly which ensure that your website stay right on top of search engine rankings.

Now that it has been established that why Mart2Web holds the distinction of a great software, let us understand the business of how exactly does Mart2Web create an eCommerce website. The entire process is completed in 5 steps, which are outlined below.

Select the best template – Just as first impressions count, and they do count big, so does your eCommerce website. Our templates are all that you need to dress them in the finest look. Mart2Web has a myriad of designs that can completely revolutionize your eStore. What’s more if you are after a completely customized and personalized feel, you are at the perfect place and not just this, each and every of our design is mobile responsive. So, go ahead and build your store front which is sure to get the customers pulling in.

Get structured –  Once you are set with you template, it is The Mart2Web assurance that we will set up your store all under 24 hours and ready for hosting. All you need to do is start filling in your store will all the great and amazing products.

Infuse your store with its spirit – This is the stage where you will be preparing your store with adding products, along with clean images, accessorize it with the relevant audios and videos, and seal it up with descriptions and details for each product. As an eCommerce business it is necessary that you ensure that your website shows high in the search rankings, which is why Mart2Web will ensure that all the relevant SEO content gets integrated at this stage.

Market your way through – Once your store is all set to open its door to customers, its time to focus on the promotion and marketing of it. At Mart2Web we have strive for all these relevant practices such as SEO methods, social media optimization, setting up promotional offers, discounts of festivals and events, a Live Chat feature with shoppers to understand their concerns and queries.

Seal it with sales – The final leg of designing your eCommerce website is here. Sealing it with sales! Our software is empowered to assist you in operational ease, such as exporting Order copies to XML, Excel and PDF. Order statuses can be sorted with reports on billing country or payment methods, along with viewing current shopping carts, unpurchased products, and bestsellers based on country, category and manufacturers.


Mart2Web is the perfect enabler in your journey to create the best eCommerce website. What is important is that, at Mart2Web specifics such as awesome designs, great content, and enhanced digital experiences are all considered as extensions of real world experiences, making it possible for you as an eCommerce retailers to set yourself apart from the competition.

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