6 Reasons Your Ecommerce Website Needs A Blog

While what was once an often-ignored aspect of any eCommerce business, blogs today have increasingly getting accepted as the important elements of a business. Marketing teams and strategists are aware that blogs not only help increase the online traffic to their website platforms but also serve several other advantages. The main purpose of your eCommerce website is to grab as many eyeballs as possible, and businesses have realised that capturing their attention with incessant advertising just doesn’t work anymore.

Enter, new age media which is defined by smarter and focussed forms of marketing. Today a lot of brands are expending their energies on social media and content marketing. Effectively marketing your content is a proven way to spread your eCommerce business. In fact, if statistics are considered marketers who prioritize blogging are 10 times are more likely to rake in a higher ROI. If you are engaging with an eCommerce website design company for their eCommerce solutions, ensure that they have do provide blogging platform right in to your eCommerce system and this will ensure that you effortlessly incorporate your blogs in your website. Read on to learn why your eCommerce website needs to engage in blogging for generating more traffic for your website.

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Blogging helps define the brand better

– One thing that differentiates an eCommerce website store from a real store is that, while the latter can be designed with a particular look and feel and create a brand awareness, it becomes tough on the former to convey a brand’s personality. While it is certainly helps to perfect your eCommerce website design, it is a good idea to build a brand personality by sharing content that your audience can be interested in as well as enjoy, even though it may not be directly related about your product. Also, blogging doesn’t have to be serious or heavy on information, try to keep it light and easy to absorb. It helps to create an interesting, exciting and yet informative content that will have an impact on the readers and consolidates your position as a brand.

Blogging allows you to connect with your audience

Another essential in your eCommerce business is, how well you have connected with the audience and blogging is a sure – fire way to achieve this. It gives you a window to understand how your audience learned about you, what are their views about your store and brand, and what is it that they expect in the future. A lot of companies today focus on writing blogs topic which showcase relevant customer support tips. As you create content that customers can engage with, you are essentially building an interactive community that will keep coming back for more and there is nothing more satisfying than an audience who keeps wanting more.

Blogging helps you promote latest products–

Incessant advertising gimmicks which scream ‘Buy’, every time they open your website, can at times drive away your audience. Instead an email post which says ‘Read all about it’ would work better. Work on your blog and content with genuine interest and that will in turn boost engagement and readership. It is a good way to showcase your most recent products and as your audience gets interested, it has the potential to generate more revenue.

Blogging is important to improve SEO strategy–

Your eCommerce website needs to rank high on search engines, so that when users are searching for a particular product, your website is among the first options to get displayed. Blogs help in this process as they contain links, phrases, and specific content related to your website. The blogs and posts that you write will help drive traffic to your site as your every post is considered as an additional indexed page which search engines link with your business.

Blogging helps build your credibility –

A blog or a post serves as an excellent means to share a story or an experience with the readers. Your product story, personal anecdote, customer experiences and other similar incidents will give a reader a better insight of your brand and make it more credible and relatable. Not only will this make for an excellent reading but establishes the fact that you are a well versed – and an authority in the specific topic.

Blogging helps solve customer’s queries and concerns –

As you create a new blog or posts, always take into account the comments received for the previous posts, this will give you an insight if your customers are having concerns or queries which you can incorporate and address in your current posts. This shows that you are concerned about your readers and what you are writing about is something relevant to your customers and deserves a dialogue as it reflects their interests or worries. This helps you further in strengthening your repute as a sellers and people will be more disposed to conduct business with a seller who makes customers their priority.

Now go ahead and incorporate a blog on your eCommerce website. And while your blog does help to connect and engage with your audience, remember to create useful content, with regular inputs from the team, and actively publishing fresh content pieces. As you audience gets hooked to your blog posts, it will have a positive impact on your sales as well.

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