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If you are an eCommerce business owner, the one thing that would constant concern is sales, because every eCommerce platform there is falls back on sales to survive. Whatever you line of business might be, you need high conversion rates to be successful and eCommerce is no exception. As a business owner you need to analyse your website, while your business may have flourished well in the past, it becomes important to constantly optimize and enhance your eCommerce store. You may realize that there are certain elements that are a roadblock in your conversions. A commonly observed flaw in many an eCommerce website happens to be that scores of products are packed in one page making it ineffective and unappealing with the result that it diminishes your conversions. For these and many other unforeseen elements it is vital that your eCommerce business, needs the backing of an eCommerce software such as Mart2Web which will help you with your conversion rates as well as generate more sales.

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An eCommerce software with a difference

Mart2Web is a leading eCommerce software developed by Sankalp Solutions and initiated to deliver across all domains of the eCommerce business, right from early level to more established enterprises. At the very core of Mart2Web are its principles of enhancing user experience and minimizing client efforts around which the company revolves, and which has helped it secure its position as a leader among the many eCommerce software companies in India. eCommerce businesses and clients are provided with a range of eCommerce software packages all with an interesting mix of product features and pricing to suit the varying needs of your eCommerce business.

One of the best things about associating with Mart2Web is that the assurance that you have a fully functional eCommerce website ready to be launched within a time frame of 24 hours. Yes, all it takes is five steps and your business is all set.

A short run-down of these five steps are –

  • With our rich and exhaustive range of designs pick the best suite for your store. What’s more our designs are mobile responsive and easily customizable giving your store the much-needed exclusivity and stunning façade.
  • Once you are ready with your template, your infrastructure is complete. It is our promise that we will provide the other essentials and host your store in the next 24 hours, all you need to do is get it ready with the products.
  • Your products are assembled, now we add images, audio-visuals, descriptions and details, which will bring customers to your website as they search for these products. Simultaneously we use specific and relevant SEO techniques which helps your store achieve better rankings and lets you stay ahead in the game. Along with this we prepare an inventory management schedule as this is an essential aspect of any business.
  • The design and development aspect of your website is taken care of, now we move to the other essentials such as marketing and promotions. Our SEO methods, social media techniques and various other website promotions and discount offers
  • It is the final leg, designing, developing, marketing and finally sales. For a smoother experience in operations, Mart2Web allows for order copies to be exported to XML, Excel and PDF, along with reports on order status based on billing country or payment methods. You are in better control of the business with view of the shopping carts or unpurchased products, & best sellers based on country, category or manufacturer.

How do we do it

Mart2Web is renowned for its powerful and outstanding features, awarding the status of a best eCommerce software.  While some of our features and functionalities help to revolutionize the store front such as the design and product management, some others provide worth and value with their effectiveness such as payment processing, checkout and customer service. And then there are others which ensure that your business stay on top of the game with the sales & marketing, SEO and social media readiness features. At the end of the day it is all about giving your customers a first rate and enhanced experience and this is where features such Multi – language, Multi – currency and Multi – store make the difference. Our in-house team of highly skilled developers and designers bring a unique and flawless product for your eCommerce business, which will help you sell your eCommerce business for the maximum value and worth

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