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ECommerce professional and online retailers are clearly optimistic that online retail will soon overtake their brick and mortar counterparts in terms of demand, following and sales. While it is evident eCommerce has been rising the ranks over the past couple of years, numbers reveal that it is only a fraction of the overall retail industry. Having said that, it is equally true that unlike brick and mortar stores, online retail is not restricted by a traditional set up and has a lot of room to grow and expand.

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A great way to for online retailers to make their presence more prominent and exceed expectations is to enlist the services of an eCommerce platform. The online retail community is witness to a growing body of eCommerce software solutions, though it would be wise to take everything in perspective when basing your decision. Among these, a name that is a cut above the rest is Mart2Web an eCommerce software company in India.

Why Mart2Web

With more than 15 years to its credit, Mart2Web is a leading eCommerce solutions provider, which delivers across all domains of the eCommerce business, with a promise to enhance user experience and minimize the effort of the clients. The very premise on which Mart2Web was conceptualized and developed was to help online retailers at every step of their journey to create an online store. Here is a deeper understanding of what makes the Mart2Web solution a work of pure genius and marks it as the best eCommerce software platform.

Choosing your design – With our widest range of designs, you can opt for the one that best suits your store. What’s more all our designs are mobile responsive and if it is customizations you are looking for, we are happy to do it for you! With that you have just cleared the first step in building an awesome online store.

24 hours is all it takes – Yes! That the Mart2Web promise. Once you are through with your template selection, we will design and host your store all under 24 hours. You are all set to go ahead and get it ready with products.

Infusing the life – You have your framework, now we infuse it with all those amazing details. Product description and details, images, audios, videos, ensuring that it is filled up with SEO content, getting the Inventory chart ready and managing all those aspects which will help you stay on top of the game.

Connect with your customers –  Its time to pull in all those crowds. Mart2Web optimizes the potential and power of social media channels to gain maximum traction. You can promote and market your product through all these channels as well as offer discount, promotions, initiate Live Chats and more to keep the fun going.

It’s time to celebrate – You have finally arrived! After designing, setting it up, marketing your store, it is time to enjoy the sales. Mart2Web makes the final leg a complete breeze as well, with easy to handle operations. Your order copies can be exported in various formats, have reports on statuses by billing country or payment methods as well as view current shopping carts and bestsellers under specific categories.

So, all it takes is five effortless steps and you have a stunning and exclusive online store ready. What’s more Mart2Web is enriched with powerful features, which will ensure a complete turnover in sales for your growing retail store.

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