Journey of Mart2Web as an eCommerce software company in India

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the word shopping is synonymous with eCommerce and online stores. Today, endless users prefer the convenience of shopping with just a few clicks. eCommerce has very evidently permeated all aspect of our lives. Right from the most advanced tablets and smartphones to a last-minute party plan, online stores have it all for us. This has led to the influx of a lot of online stores, while some of them are names to reckon with, some do not necessarily make the cut. While the opportunities are immense, it is always wise to take all things in consideration, one of the most important being the need of an eCommerce software, which specifically cater to online store and businesses.

eCommerce Software

One name that stands out significantly is Mart2Web which is an eCommerce software in India. Mart2Web today is one of the leading software that has gained immense popularity with its state of the art features and functionalities.

How it all started – Mart2Web is the brainchild of Sankalp Computers and Systems Ltd which is a reputed name in the field of software development for more than 15 years. The whole idea was to develop a software which would function as the premier eCommerce solutions provider catering across all domains of the eCommerce business.

What sets Mart2Web apart is the very core of its foundation, values such as enhancing user experience and minimizing the effort of clients and providing complete satisfaction. Add to this the promise of being a software that impart the ease and exclusivity of designing an online store within 24 hours. This has accorded Mart2Web the status of a leader among all eCommerce software companies in India.

Why Mart2Web -Mart2Web is the perfect blend of aesthetics with state of the art functionalities. Online businesses just need to commit themselves to five steps and they have a stunningly designed store replete with inventory management, enabled with SEO methods and an effective management of sales and techniques. Some of these outstanding features which mark Mart2Web as the best eCommerce software are:

  • Mobile friendly – Mart2Web has captured the growing impact of the mobile market, and designed mobile compatible templates which are a sure way to hike your sales.
  • Multi store – A highly advanced tech feature, the Multi store facilitates eCommerce owners to have multi stores all with a centralized management system. This again ensures great profits and higher customer retention.
  • Facebook store – Social media is always a sure-fire way to garner popularity and improve business. Mart2Web has a Facebook store application which lets eCommerce business owners to promote their store with this ever-popular social media portal.
  • Multi – functional – Mart2Web has been developed with all the enhanced and much required features which are an essential for an eCommerce business. To mention a few, Inventory Management, Shipping, Taxes, Payment and Accounts, SEO techniques, customer service are what pack the punch and make it an irresistible selection for any eCommerce business.

What’s keeps us going –  Today the very word of our clients is validation of the impeccable service that Mart2Web has been offering. The entire team is focused on discerning what exactly the client needs and requires and incorporating in the best way possible. It is with this very commitment to excellence that drives us to constant innovation. If you wish to create an online store with a complete end to end solution, then there is no better eCommerce software than Mart2Web.

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