Growth of eCommerce business in India

Today, India ranks third in the global eCommerce market, preceded by the USA & China, but if the growth rate is a measure, India holds the top position in this sector. According to recent projections, the online sales in India are predicted to hit $120 billion by 2020. These numbers are not surprising given the increased inclination of Indian towards smart phones & other electronic gadgetry, which generates a large platform for online stores to grow and flourish with each passing year.

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Thanks to eCommerce and its stupendous growth, what we witness is a complete revolution in the way consumers buy. With internet and social media penetrating even the rural sector, and improved bandwidth and connectivity in these regions has seen a surge in sales through mobile commerce. Added to that secured payment gateways have boosted trust among people regarding online payments, leading to increased online sales.

How an eCommerce software helps with your online store

With an abundance of online stores, it is little surprise that customers are spoiled for choices. In such an edgy and cut – throat competitive world the primary driving force to lure and retain customers is the quality of the product and the service provided. Online entrepreneurs need to realise that customer traffic will increase only if the business is able to project the image of a responsible & considerate brand, and one which gives the necessary importance to customer needs and requirements.

Assessing these needs is where an eCommerce software will assist you. An eCommerce software performs as a great tool which will help you craft your online store even if you have no great technical expertise. But then again, choosing the right eCommerce software provider is no easy feat. With a careful study of all the available software offerings in the market and one that is tailored for your needs and requirements, should you narrow down on an eCommerce software.

Make the right choice

Speaking of eCommerce software companies in India, Mart2Web is one such software that is completely capable of providing you the best in technology when you create your online store. Here is a software that differentiates from all the other eCommerce software companies in India by encompassing all the essential features that are of essence to design your online success story. Read on, to find out what exactly sets Mart2Web is an important asset in the growth of eCommerce business in India, along with why is it considered as the best eCommerce software in the market today.

  1. Redefining Product Management – With Mart2Web, visitors have a unique shopping experience. Online customers are privy to a personal shopping experience with the assistance of features such as 360-degree view of products, multiple display options and detailed product descriptions. This fosters a sense of trust and guarantees repeated visits, which in turn helps generate larger revenues for the online store.
  2. Built-in sales and marketing – Here is a software that completely in coherence with your need for branding and publicity. This is why it come with built in features such as the ‘Facebook store’ integration, SEO optimization, newsletter and blog subscriptions as well as a host of other marketing strategies. You can also streamline your sales process better by drawing up various reports and converting them into XML, Excel, PDF and maintaining a complete hold on your business.
  3. Multi – functional – Yet another hallmark of this software lies in that it provides you with an array of features such as Multi-currency, Multi – lingual, Multi-store enablement all under on exhaustive software. While the Multi – currency and Multi – lingual features help you connect with a wider audience worldwide, the Multi- store options lets you operates two stores simultaneously with the help of a common software.

With India witnessing an unprecedented growth in the eCommerce business and more people joining in the bandwagon, a great eCommerce software such as Mart2Web can prove to be an ideal partner.


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