Five proven strategies for growth of eCommerce sales

You may choose to deny it, but fact remains that eCommerce is a becoming an integral part of lives. Be it purchasing books, electronics, clothing, accessories, groceries or anything else, the likelihood that we are employing an eCommerce platform for the same, is extremely high.

Does it make you wonder then, why is it that some eCommerce websites are so much more appealing than others, or popular or trusted as compared to others. If you are an eCommerce business owner or wish to create an online store, then you probably need to do that. To assist you in the same we have charted 5 proven strategies for expanding your eCommerce sales.

Look and feel – First impressions count, the way your online store is designed speaks volumes. The first page or the ‘landing page’ is what customers will see and this makes it important to create a good impression here. Ensure that customers have a simple and straightforward experience in navigating your website.

You may have an overwhelming urge to display a lot of information on your landing page or any page, but resist the urge to clutter. Think what works for you, when you shop online from an eCommerce sites. It is all about the experience that you are offering your online customers, they may not make a purchase on the first visit, but a great impression would ensure that they book mark your site for a later visit.

Socially connected – Social media is another important ingredient of an eCommerce business. It is essential that you remain involved in it as it helps you catch the pulse of what is it that your audience wants, gets you on with the trends and flavours. Incorporating social elements on your eCommerce site such as product review, testimonials, follow button and social login options all lead into sales conversion and help shape your business better.

SEO strategies – The eCommerce economy is increasing at a never before pace & this means that more and more businesses will be sharing the space. Quality content is the single most driving force to your site. This makes it important that you stay on top of the game, and a successful strategy to ensure that you have relevant content on your site to link back to it, which will help secure you position.

Mobile relevant –  Research data has revealed that consumer transactions via mobile is slated to increase from $204 billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018. This just goes to prove that if you are one of those who aren’t including mobiles and tablets in the framework of your business, you might as well pack your bags.

Checking out – One of the reasons that most customers slam the door shut on a ‘about to happen sale’ is during the last stage of check out. Slashing prices on products but charging exorbitant rates on shipping and handling, providing less than two or three payment methods, or worse still a payment system that just doesn’t process through is a sure-fire way of losing customers for good.

While these said strategies are sure to help you grow your sales, you may not have the necessary man power or skill sets to involve with. This is where you need a trusted eCommerce software partner, to see you through your goals. Mart2Web which is developed by Sankalp Solutions, is considered as the best eCommerce software solutions in India. Right from their exclusively built template library, inventory management, SEO readiness techniques, creating a strong social media presence and scores of other features and functionalities such as mobile responsive and built- in payment gateways, Mart2Web promises a unique experience for customers who visit your website, ensuring that it translates into the conversion funnel.

Today standing out from the crowd is a challenge that most eCommerce businesses face, ensuring that you are partnered with a right eCommerce solution such as Mart2Web will ensure that you stay ahead with your sales and the business.

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