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In the early 90’s, a young man around 30 launched his own store, right within the premises of his garage. Today, we know the man as Jeff Bezos, the innovative founder of Amazon, the very store he started in his garage, which today generates over $61 billion in revenue & is considered as the flag bearer of the of the world’s largest online retail store.

While this article is not about how Amazon started, nor on Jeff Bezos, it sets the tone as a primer on the how to launch an online store. Currently at its peak, Ecommerce is witnessing an exponential growth, with sales estimated to reach around $434 billion, & these are just the US numbers. Customers are taking to online shopping right from purchasing their smartphones to picking out their household goods, & this trend is only going to grow more. The mantra is that if you want to create an online store, you will need customers & these customers want fresh, innovative products along with a website that hooks them to keep coming for more.

The online world is teeming with what works best or what doesn’t, but while it may not be easy to adapt one & all, here are a few key strategies to help you get the ground running.

Initial Impact:

Create that awesome first impression. If you must make a sell, you will have to keep your users engaged & browsing through. It is a fact that customers take about 50 milliseconds to decide if they like the website or not, so go ahead & get as creative as possible. Your store name & URL, the landing page, the header together will set the tone for what customer gauge about your website.

Navigation Know how:

Another key that need to incorporate is to have a stress-free navigation, letting visitors to easily find what they are looking for. Nothing turns off your customers more than having to navigate through scores of unnecessary pages & links and not finding what they are looking for. A few simple inclusions will prove to be effective. Include a ‘What’s New’ category, a ‘New Product’s tab as well as a ‘New Arrival’s feature. These will allow returning customers to see check out what’s latest rather than browsing through old collections as well as entice new visitors to stay on the site.

How unique are you:

It’s a staggeringly competitive world out there. Getting creative & selling something which people didn’t even know they require is just your starting point. What will really help you stay in the game, is do you have that unique idea, what is your craft or skills. Do a lot of ground work & research, assess what it is that people really desire, understand what generates that buzz & then understand how you can achieve it.

Technology & Software:

While starting is online store or any ecommerce project is ridden with excitement & nerves as well as financial resources, it may all come to nothing if you do not choose the right software or platform to establish your online store. This makes it crucial to scout around for a professional & adaptable software that can expand your profit & help build a trusting relation with your prospective clients. Currently the market is flooded with hordes of developers ready to offer an extensive range of platforms, but can you as an online store owner discern the appropriate software required to meet specific business needs & expectations. A best ecommerce software would boast of a comprehensive content management system which would enable the store owners to create & manage website content. Website owners no longer have to worry about complicated procedures for creating own text & images, uploading a logo & others. Along with this, great ecommerce software is also packed with multiple payment gateways. Nothing is more assuring for customers than understanding that they have an option to transact across various payment methods.

Equally comforting for any customer is to provide them with ample shipping choices. The software you choose must be well provisioned to design a shopping cart which incorporates various shipping methods.

Bring on all these factors on board, and you are all set to start your online store.



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