Five novel ideas for e-commerce startups in the year 2017

If you are looking for ideas to start your very own e-commerce software companies in India, Here’s an article you shouldn’t miss at any cost. After a considerable amount of research, we have come up with five comparatively less explored and soon to be popular ideas for online businesses this year. Have a look at the below and make your choice:

Social Media assistance:

Now, we are all aware of the boom that social media is currently on to. Every one of us have our own accounts on social media. In line with this, various businesses and startups require experts who can handle their social media accounts and create traffic for them. This gives you an exclusive idea for launching your own start up that provides social media assistance online!

e-rental business:

e-rentals are a big thing in the online world currently. From homes, to cars to basics such as clothes, everything is being loaned and rented by people all over. Set up a store that offers a range of merchandise on rent to users, that too online!

Pre-owned fashion:

While traditional e-commerce fashion is saturated there is a new twist that you can capitalize on in this domain. People are increasing willing to buy pre-owned designer wear and other accessories at inexpensive rates. Be the messiah for the million fashion hungry people all over the world with the launch of an online store that sells pre-owned fashion goodies!

College consultants:

We know that a very large chunk of internet traffic is generated by the age group between 15- 24 years. It’s clear that most of the young lot come to the world-wide web in search of answer to their million doubts. Guide them with their careers and college choices online, and earn a million bucks!

Tax Consultants:

People all over the world will always need help with taxes! Always! While there are quite a few startups that provide tax consults and related help online, you can still explore this field a little more! Get certified or rope in qualified personnel in this regard and get prepared to have your own Tax consultancy online!

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