How To Start An e-Commerce Business With Minimal Investment

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If you have limited money in your pocket, but the entrepreneur in you just won’t give up, worry not! It’s time you stopped shushing the business person inside you. While you may think that businesses require heavy capital requirements and immense costs for set-up and operations, you may just be proven wrong with the following three tips that we have curated for you! Read on to find out how you can start your very own eCommerce Software Company in India with little or minimum investment:

Choose a reliable yet economical e-commerce software for your business:

When it comes to an online store, the first pre-requisite to get it started is an effective e-commerce software. Building a software from scratch just for your business (on premise software) can often cost you a bomb. Hence, going for an e-commerce software that is tried, tested and hosted on cloud instead can help you save a lot of money while also allowing you to dodge a number of unknown operational hiccups.

Select a smart mix of products:

While selling products online, be careful of choosing the correct mix of products. Selling your own products or those specially manufactured by you can help you combat several costs in the long run as these often solicit huge profits. Similarly, if you are a re-seller, you must opt to sell those products that are easier to ship from your vicinity and provide you higher margins, thus allowing you to save up on warehousing and shipping costs and allowing higher earnings.

Opting for SEO and SMO friendly online software:

If you are someone with minimum investment in hand, marketing and publicizing your software may feel like a big question mark to you. It is also true that without spreading word on your business, chances of succeeding and making money out of it are close to nil. This is where, online marketing can help you. Learn to publicize your products and business on social media forums such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Similarly, go for a software that allows you to integrate SEO techniques that allow you to top search engines at most times.

Thus, starting an e-commerce business is easier than you think! With a settled approach and efficient management, you can launch and run your online store with the most minimalistic investment! To know more, log on to 

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