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If you are an entrepreneur who is willing to start your own e-commerce business this year, there are few crucial things you must understand before starting off. While e-commerce is one of the best business platforms in the tech age of today, it comes with its own set of hurdles such as cut -throat competition and set up costs. Below are few simple steps that can effectively help you start an online store in India in the year 2017:

Select a Reliable E-commerce Software:

If you wish to successfully sell your services or products online, it is of utmost importance to set up an online store that is appealing, user-friendly as well as technologically equipped. While there are a number of e-commerce platforms and software’s available in the market, not all are equipped with the best of features. A good online selling software should ideally include the following features, amongst others:

  • Affordable set-up costs,
  • Quick hosting services
  • Smooth Payment-enablement’s
  • Technological upgradations in line with the latest features
  • SEO and SMO friendly features.

It would be wise to analyze the offerings and features of each software carefully, before making your ultimate pick.

Focus on Incorporating a Secured Payment Gateway:

Once you have picked an Online store for yourself, the next step would be to choose a Payment gateway for your e-commerce business. It is a good practice to incorporate multiple payment mechanisms such as those integrated with a bank, hosted gateways like PayPal as well as cash payments. However, in doing so, make sure to choose a mix that best suits your business structure and revenues.

Pay Attention To Search Engine Optimization:

It is extremely importance to work on the online visibility of your store to ensure that it always appears on top of search results. Make sure to optimize every product and section such that it naturally appears on top of search engines. Focus on using the right keywords based on trending searches to eventually drive more sales for your store. Hiring a specialized SEO expert can also be of great help in this regard.

Apply Social Media Marketing Strategies:

If you want to run an ecommerce business in the tech-fanatic and social media crazy era of today, make sure that you have the right SMO strategies in place. Market and publicize your products on relevant social media by studying the working search trends for your business. It is thus important to integrate an Online selling software that enables smooth social media marketing with easy linkages to Facebook and other relevant platforms.

Ensure Up-To-Date Legalities And Paperwork:

While it is not necessary to set up a company to run an ecommerce business, it is a good idea to consider registering as an LLP before starting off. It is a wise deal to consult a lawyer or a Chartered Accountant in this matter. Similarly, clearly documenting Purchase, Product return, security and privacy policies for your Online store is also important if you wish to avoid client hassles at a later stage.

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