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Christmas and New Year are round the corner and the streets are bustling with people who are out on a shopping spree. However, there are some smarty-pants who prefer shopping from home by going online! To cater to their demand, many traders choose to come up with their own websites with the help of best eCommerce site builders in India. However, consumers are now becoming choosy and you can win over them only by offering unique products.

One such curated market place that offers only the best and unique products from exclusive sellers is Qtrove. Based in Bangalore, Qtrove has an array of products right from fresh bakery goods to handmade soaps. The best part is, that these products are unique in nature and are not easily available across the online spectrum. Hereby, we had a golden opportunity to get in touch with Vinamra Pandiya, CEO and founder, Qtrove.com, who shared the journey of this unique marketplace.

What inspired you to start this venture, especially curated marketplace?

I was looking to do something in curated space and had already started working on an idea of curated snacks, but this idea got further crystallized and broadened in scope to include other categories as well which made perfect sense. We felt there was a need for a marketplace for curated products – which are sustainable, are non-mass produced and have what we call as the ‘Q Factor’. We feel customers would love to own such products and we don’t have to entice them by unsustainable discounts. We want to build ‘Etsy of India’ with an Indian twist.

What were the challenges that you faced while coming up with this venture?

The most immediate challenge for us was introducing an entirely new category of commerce and creating a sustainable business model. We are still in the testing phase, but the results so far have been extremely encouraging. Since all our partners run micro enterprises, we do customised product photo shoots, video shoots, vendor write ups and vendor photo shoots from our side so that their exotic products can be shown in its true colours and set up via superior visual imagery.

Your future plans?

About the future of Qtrove, our Financial Year 2016 goals are:

  • We started operations from Bangalore, so we want to showcase vendors from the top 10 cities.
  • For us, core focus is on the quality of products and hence we aren’t chasing Gross merchandise value or Order count. We are satisfied having 10k personally curated sellers on our platform by end of Financial Year 2016.
  • We are seed funded by one of the top incubators in the country and hence we would like to show some traction and try to secure Series A funding.
  • We aren’t going to buy audience through mass paid marketing as our products are not targeted at them. We want to build a sustainable cohort of customers who keep coming back to us because they like the product and hence we would be focusing on efforts which improves our organic reach and an offline connect with our consumers.
Your take on the graph of e-Commerce in India?

E-commerce is here to stay. We have just scratched the surface. A lot of people who own smartphone is still to transact online, so there is a massive opportunity for all of us. In the coming 5 years, we will see at least 2-3 companies with gross sales in the range of 100 billion dollars and a whole lot of companies in the range of 1 billion dollars with the share of online payments steadily increasing. As shoppers gradually start to rely and trust the internet then there will be a gradual transition of reducing COD.  The future is bright for e-commerce in India.

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