Handling A Negative Review Can Be Effortless!

Handling A Negative Review Can Be Effortless!

Thanks to eCommerce site builders in India like Mart2Web, setting up an online store has now become extremely easy. These site builders are extremely user-friendly and vow to serve the best for their beloved customers. But after creating an own online store, the success journey has to be handled by the entrepreneur himself. He has to look after the marketing, advertising, social media content and gamut of activities to promote the online store. He can get abundant help from an eCommerce site builder, but there are some sections which the entrepreneur has to handle himself. One such section that needs utter attention is handling reviews – that too negative review! So, here are the tips to handle reviews.

Response Time:

Your response time plays a vital role because that gives an assurance to your customer that ‘you care’. Customers start feeling that you value his/her opinion and vouch to serve them better in the coming days. With this, you never know – they will continue to give you a second chance.

Maintaining Your Composure:

This is very important while handling a negative review then be it any kind of business. Several times, entrepreneurs give in to anger and lose their calm thus hurting the sentiments of the customer. If you as an entrepreneur have a valid point, explain it to them, but with serenity and not angrily. Anger might result in losing on major clientele.

Try Solving It Offline:

When there are negative reviews, try solving them offline instead online. Because while solving online, there can be a war of words thus hampering your future prospects. So, it’s better to solve offline. Ask for the customer’s personal email id, if he is not comfortable sharing his phone number. Be polite towards him and handle the issue carefully to avoid any negative publicity.

Removal Of Negative Reviews:

When there is a negative review on your site, you can remove it because it is handled by you alone. However, on other sites, the rights don’t rest with you! So, once you are content that the issue has been resolved, request the site administrator to delete the review. If not the site, then you can also ask the client to take down the review!

Value Negative Review:

Several times, people who write negative about your product or service have a point that may help you improve and prosper in your business. So, don’t ignore them, rather evaluate them and think about improving. In fact, if you are continuously getting positive review then your customer might get suspicious so let the negative review be. It strikes a balance in the mind of the customer.

Follow A Strategy:

While handling, a negative review draw a strategy! Once your product is delivered, get in touch with the customer on the phone and know his feedback. Try and solve the issue on the phone and email to avoid getting a negative review online.

Always urge your customer to write a review, but do not force them. You can also mention websites wherein they can write reviews, but be prepared to digest negative as well as positive reviews. Reviews are not bad all the time. I feel they are indeed a stepping stone to improvise and then attain ultimate success!

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