Buying Domain for Your Online Store is Now Easy!

buying domain for online store is easy

With the wave of demonetization, several offline stores are choosing the path of going online. Many brands have now started their online stores or are getting featured on famous shopping websites. The most easy way to make an online ecommerce website is by choosing the best eCommerce site builders in India. These site builders will take care of the entire process right from designing to payment gateways. However, one thing that lies in your hand is registering a domain which is very important when starting an online business. Your domain name is your internet identity and thus it has to strike a chord with your audiences.

So, while coming up with a domain name, try and keep it short. With this your audience, will not have difficulty in remembering it. Try and come up with a name that is only 10 characters. But that doesn’t mean that you come up with a generic name. Try and churn out a memorable name that will have an impact on the audiences. Once you have decided your name, then decide how your spelling should be. If an entrepreneur has a domain named ‘WeddingsStar’, then there are chances that the audience might mistype it to ‘WeddingStar’. Sometimes, if you as an owner is misspelling it, then audiences will also misspell it! The best option to avoid this chaotic situation is to buy both the domains. Furthermore, you can ask your web designer or eCommerce site builder to redirect one of the domains to your homepage. Avoid using numbers and signs as a domain name as it might create a lot of confusion for audiences to remember.

Then comes – choosing the extension – whether it should be .com,.biz, .in, .org, etc. An entrepreneur residing in India mostly go for the extension – ‘.in’. Every country has an extension but ‘.com’ is a universal extension which is immensely popular. ‘.com’ pulls a lot of traffic so make sure to have one domain with ‘.com’ extension. Most importantly, don’t use any phrases or punchlines because you will be caught in a limbo for violating copyrights. Several times, punchlines and phrases are the trademarks of companies or brands and using them in your domain name is copyright infringement. So, think wisely before undertaking this. Also, go for a name that will go with your line of products. Several people make use of relevant keywords while coming up with a name so that they can target their audience easily. You can also try your hands on the same line!

When you buy your domain, you have to renew it after a year but several times, you tend to forget and hence lose your domain and the data associated with it. There are several entrepreneurs who have failed to renew and have lost on business. Once you fail to renew the domain is free and it can be bought by anyone. So, I would suggest that buy your domain for more than 2 years or set on auto-renewal option. This will help you from the pain of losing data and important mails too.

There are several websites that help you registering a domain and also give a list of domains that have expired. You can also get details of domain which are being discontinued and the reason why they are being discontinued. So, think wisely, brainstorm and come up with a unique domain name!

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