eCommerce Industry in India do have their Share of Challenges

The flourishing eCommerce industry in India has caught the attention of many big players. People are either coming up with online stores that will reach every nook and corner or are coming up with the eCommerce solutions company. The reach is abundant, thanks to the population, but still many online stores are facing challenges in pleasing the Indian audience.

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There have been instances wherein Indian buyers are returning the merchandise at a higher rate. Indian audience is still not convinced with online shopping. It is very hard to convince them and once convinced they still find loopholes which results in return. Thus, the eCommerce market faces huge losses, especially in courier services. Handling return policies is a difficult task, especially logistics.

So, once Indian buyers buy products the main hitch ahead for sellers is the payment mode. Several buyers still prefer cash on delivery which is good for them, but bad for sellers. It is definitely risky and also expensive because unless and until you don’t get payment, you have to chip in your own cash. If cash on delivery is a menace then so is the payment gateway.

Several times, payment gateways go berserk, thus adding to the unhappy shopping experience. While making payment, the gateways stop responding and many customers do not take efforts to return and complete their shopping. Whilst all these problems crop up, the reason behind them is low internet connectivity too. In several parts of the country, the internet connectivity still remains to be a problem. However, many big wigs are working hard to eradicate this problem.

If the internet is a problem so are the pin codes of places. Many pin codes are still not traceable and thus the logistic department is still not able to deliver products on time. On one side, if cash on delivery is a big obstacle for sellers, then return policies are too a big obstacle for logistics. As mentioned above, as some places are untraceable, logistics spend oodles of time and money in finding the place – in case of returns too and delivery too!

Apart from all this, a major hurdle is that people still use features phones instead of smart phones. Hence, they continue to remain aloof and illiterate about the big eCommerce market. They cannot download apps nor can they remain connected with the internet. Most importantly, a large chunk of the population comes under this criteria, thus losing on the market.

Though these challenges remain a matter of concern, yet many bigwigs have established their stores in India because they are well aware of the market value here. I hope, these challenges are soon eradicated with a set of solutions and each person gets a chance to enjoy the benefits of eCommerce. And it won’t be too long because the Government and some bigwigs have already taken responsibilities in their hands!

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