How to Keep Customer’s Happy with Return Policies

Several times it happens, that we stumble upon our favorite product and decide to buy it. However, after reading the reviews, we become skeptical about our purchase. Then we immediately browse through the return policies and find it too confusing, thus abandoning the whole scenario and not buying it at all! Any why should we, when we are unaware and clueless about the return policy?Create your own eCommerce website


So, it’s very important to have a clear return policy while you decide upon to build your eCommerce site and here are a few tips that will keep your customers intact.

  • Set up a different branch for returns: try and have a different branch or department who will deal solely in return products. Consumers are impatient and they want their products as soon as possible! So, if you have a different stream altogether, the work will be undertaken faster and better.
  • Transparency in return policies: this is a very important aspect of eCommerce business. You should maintain clarity in your return policies. Whatsoever, terms and conditions you want to levy on your customers, just mention them evidently. This will help in having a transparent shopping experience for the customers and it will help you gain their royalty too!
  • Easily accessible: people turn to online shopping because they can shop from their comfort zones. In the same way, make return policies, convenient too! When you dispatch a product, provide an add-on receipt too, in case they wish to return the product. Not only this, try and pick the product from the customer, so that he/her doesn’t have to step out of their house. Several online portals have undertaken this service, but they serve fewer parts of the city. They should try and reach every nook and corner of the city.
  • Easy on the pocket return policy: no customer is in a mood to pay extra bucks for return products, so try and eliminate those extra charges. If you are charging extra money, then don’t forget to give away discounts or vouchers for their future purchase.
  • No deadline: try and keep the return policy flexible wherein the customers do not have to arrange for a return hurriedly. Give them breathing time to arrange for the returns of the product. With this, you can make your customers realise that you value their time and would be happy to serve them better!

There is a famous saying ‘Customer is God’, try and practice it and I am sure you will have a very flourishing business!

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