Remember These Tips Before Hiring Celebrities

Hiring celebrities for branding and advertising has become the next ‘big’ thing! The followers of these celebrities right from Deepika Padukone to Shahrukh are so crazy for them that they want to imitate not only their fashion but also their mannerisms!

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Celebrities are a ray of hope for wannabe businessman because the impact they make on the customers is something that is incomparable with traditional marketing. So, whenever you plan to build your eCommerce site and wish to hire a celebrity, then there are a few points that you should consider.

  • Stick to your terms: Several times, celebrities want to change the image of the company and dictate their terms. If you change the goal and objective of your company then you might suffer major losses. So, try and convince celebrities to not do so or else choose a celebrity who will adjust to your terms.
  • A Celebrity who fits the bill: while choosing a celebrity, try and analyse whether he/she suits the brand you want to endorse them for! If you are into fashion line and the celebrity you are choosing has a very poor dressing sense and cannot carry your fashion line, then there’s no use in hiring him/her. The celebrity should match your product line in order to create more impact on the buyers!
  • Hire upcoming celebrities: when you are an upcoming company, you might have some financial constraints. In a situation like this, try and hire a new face for your campaign. Experienced celebrities might not be easy on the pocket and can cost you a bomb! Instead, try something creative and hire new face, which will open new avenues for your business and for the celebrity too!
  • Focus more on your product: while advertising, try and focus more on your product! Several times, when you involve famous celebrities, the focus shifts to the celebrities than your product. The product just fades away, so try and make your product shine!
  • Choose celebrity who will promote only your product: several times it happens that celebrity promote your as well as your rival product and hence it becomes frustrating for the end user. As I mentioned above, people are dedicated towards celebrities and hence they follow them in all possible ways. So, it is necessary that the celebrity you choose sticks to your brand alone.

Having celebrities for your product or eCommerce store is definitely too much planning and practical approach! So, be professional and draw a marketing strategy that will definitely prove fruitful to your store!

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