Customer Relationship in the E-commerce

Public Relation or PR as we know it in its more popular abbreviated form is always the outcome of all the communications which a brand makes in the market. With the marketplace moving substantially to E-commerce platforms, the online communications reflect a brand’s image giving rise to new industry domain viz. the Online Reputation Management (ORM). Customer relationship is highly significant for all businesses especially for businesses which rely on repeat orders and purchases like consumables and services like aviation, etc. The management of the relationship with customer and the image of the brand in the eyes of common public becomes most significant aspect of the marketing aspirations for such brands.

eCommerce Platform in India

Reputation is not important only for humans and has a distinctive definition for Brands!

So, what can you do by managing a good e-commerce business by building a deep and lasting relation with your consumer?

Let us take an example of shopper X who can spend 4000 INR each month to buy clothes and you sell your particular brand, say Z for example on your E-commerce portal. Now, if you know that X purchases a certain value of goods which isn’t hard to track on your website if you have deployed good e-commerce software then you can make that person make more purchases by offering him/her exclusive discounts on products which are on their wish-list. You can find out who your most loyal shoppers are and can come up with exclusive offers to run for them as brand loyalty in consumers offers stability to the revenue!

This and much more can be achieved by simple customer relationship practices and tools for the internet like analytical marking of the consumer and maintenance of a customer database.

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