Relevance of Product Placement and Offers’ Display on E-commerce Store

The E-commerce horizon is getting filled with new ideas and innovations each day for generating more sales and building customer relation. Online-surveys, privilege discounts, CSR events, corporate events, sports sponsorships, YouTube ads, etc. are a few tricks from the bag of modern marketers. The corporations are not afraid of experimenting with their brands’ image with many brands choosing to undergo a makeover after the onset of the digital marketing era like the Hyatt choosing to introduce Centric which is targeted specifically at millennial money-makers to match with the likes of Air BnB which is giving the brick and mortar hotel industry giants a run for their money.

So, what can be done on an E-commerce portal to amplify the business in this advanced and dynamic environment of E-commerce?

E-commerce StoreThe power of E-commerce: Air BnB is currently valued at 25.5 Billion $, nearly 5 Billion Dollar more than the Inter Continental Group (biggest global hotel group) without owning a single hotel!

The relevance of placement of a product and taglines on a web-store is the most significant as the consumer judges the store by what meets the eye first. Needless to say, if the first impression isn’t very great then the consumer is not likely to return ever to your web-store ever. To create an impression which calls for an action from the visiting consumer, the products must be placed in a manner where the best of your inventory is highlighted on the very top. The products must be posted on the e-commerce store in a manner that they generate maximum visibility and the product images should be rich in texture.

The offers must be displayed smartly as not too flashy but should contain enough graphic appeal to attract the eyes of the customer.

The e-commerce market is never inhibited by existing ideas and new ones might just work with the consumer as well, the key is to connect with them!

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