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Use of social network has increased exponentially around the world. It is used by the users as well as businesses. Every social media site has something different to offer, so people have their presence not only one but on various sites.

All the sites are using more and more visual contents day by day. This is very useful for ecommerce to promote their business. Among all the sites, Pinterest is highly focussed on pinning the photos of numerous types of products.

Difference between Pinterest and other sites is that, others are more of communication oriented while Pinterest is more product and interests oriented. For an e.g. if you are interested in the products related to home furnishings, you can enter the search and consequently find various products and respective information under that category. For this very reason, Pinterest can be highly useful for e-commerce businesses, as they can enter their products’ images and description on the pin boards. This will increase the reach of the products.

Growth of Pinterest has seen a spiked growth in very short time. Infact, based on the various statistics, Pinterest users spends more than any on any other social media sites. As mentioned on, statistics from WGSN [2014] suggests that Pinterest users spend with average order values of $123.50 while Facebook users’ $54.64. This indicates that Pinterest is highly an inspiring site for the purchases which is in favour of e-commerce. Others statistics which favours use of Pinterest by ecommerce are:

  • Pinterest Active users: 100 million source: DMR Digital Stats/Gadgets
  • Registered users: 176 million source: DMR Digital Stats/Gadgets
  • Why do people use Pinterest?
  • 9% use Pinterest to get special offers from brands.
  • 43% use Pinterest to associate with brands and retailers.
  • 51% use Pinterest to connect with people who have similar styles and interests.
  • 67% use Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends on things they like.
  • 67% use Pinterest to keep track of things they like.
  • 70% use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy.

How ecommerce businesses leverage the presence on Pinterest?

Start with setting up your Business Account

To start with, you need to set up your business account

Verify your e-commerce website with Pinterest. This is very important to assure the users that you are a trustworthy source and not any fraud or copying source.

Create a Unique and Attractive Profile

Create your profile and insert a profile image which is logo of your business. Logo should be sufficiently unique and eye catching. Along with logo, write an impressive description of your business.

attractive mart2web

Plan Boards

Creatively build your boards. While creating them, keeping in mind the taste and interest of the audience you are targeting. It is not necessary and not even feasible to impress everybody. So create variety of boards which are impressive to the target audience. Follow a certain strategy like description should contains SEO keywords.


pinterest Board






Place Rich Images

People get inspired from Pinterest. They get impressed by the product images. So if your images are of low quality and not relevant, then you may not be able to attract user. Hence ecommerce business should be extremely particular about which images are they placing on Pinterest. They should be rich and impressive.

Add “Pin it” button on Product images/Pages on your website

If people like your product on the website, by ‘Pin it’ button they can share on their boards. This will help increase reach of your products as well as increase leads to your website.

pininterest website

Share your presence on Pinterest with others

If more and more people know your presence on Pinterest, they will pin your products and in this way your ecommerce business can spread. You can share on website, emails, other social media etc.

Ecommerce businesses needs to have a clear strategy of how to use different social networking websites to meet the goals. Different sites demand different marketing and promoting strategies to follow as each one is designed in different way though purpose is same.


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