Ecommerce Ideas: Get the Spark!

All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea”.  Napoleon Hill

Congratulations! That you have made up your mind to enter the ecommerce segment. India is the fastest ecommerce market in the entire world. According to Statista, there has been eightfold growth since 2012. As of 2015, retail ecommerce sale accounts to 0.9 of total retail sale in India.

Now that you have made up your mind to start in ecommerce segment, are you sure about what to sell on your online store?

Let us see how one can get great ecommerce ideas which may result in an unprecedented ecommerce success.


Ideas are everywhere!

ideas ecommerce

Start with brainstorming, observing around, analysing the need. Start to put the ideas on paper.

You may get the idea from the simplest thing, experience or a need. You might think at many times, what if the same thing is available to me and people like me, online?

The idea can even generate from the traditional brick-n-mortar store. Only difference is that you put the items online, payment is done online through payment gateways and buyers enter the store by signing in.

There is a saying that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. You may have experienced that for buying or availing a particular service, you had to either travel at lot or could not find a satisfactory service which was available to you at nearest. This may spark an idea in your head that why not facilitate people like me with online store.

Look around, observe, interview and analyse. You will definitely have at least 10 ideas to start playing with. Start an Idea Journal.

Example: Nimmi, living in Kochi, observed that all Keralite women wear sarees and cotton dresses but they have got bored with the same Kerala designs and patterns. So she started an online store of apparels with varieties from all over India. By this way Keralite girls and women could get varieties even from outside Kerala at their fingertips.

Spot the Trend

By keeping close watch on the current trends, you can get great ideas.

Example: In the cities, bachelors prefer home cooked meal delivered to their home at their convenient time. So, Rama observed that trend and being an expert cook, she started online tiffin service for bachelors or for all who wanted to have online tiffin delivered at their home. By this way people used to get fresh home cooked food and that too at their own time. While Rama need not to lease a restaurant space or large dining area.

One can even watch the trends on following places:

  • Google trends
  • Trend Watching
  • Trend Hunter
  • Spring Wise

Experiment with new ideas

Experiment Good Ideas

Try the unexplored areas of online store items or services. Which you feel that people will prefer to get it purchased online rather than going in for brick-n-mortar store.


Fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Also various fruits and vegetable juices. These are very much preferred by working couples.

Medicines for elderly people

Women’s authentic, region specific traditional dresses for e.g. Kutchhi embroidered dresses, sarees and other items.

Leverage Social Media

Traditionally, while contemplating on the idea, only source of validation was to talk with various people and find out what they want, what do they like and what they need and wish for. But nowadays, with growing online presence, you can get to know from various online social sites.

Pinterest: It is THE site, to put your ideas. So naturally to get idea also, it is THE best site. Even for your ecommerce store, you can get unlimited ideas on Pinterest. If not direct, then it can generate an idea in your head.

Other sites are:

Polywore, Wanelo, Fancy and of course Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Also Checkout online market places like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Amazon, EBay etc. They sell all kinds of items from the third party, maybe you can start your online store and be a third party for such marketplaces.

Get and Stay Connected with Designing and Engineering Students

It is part of their curriculum, to design various innovative objects and machines.

Their products will be truly out-of-the-box. Give them the platform to place in the market through your online store. It may click both for you and the student.

Conclusion is “Where there is Will there is a Way!” So if you are determined to start your very own online store, having a great idea then proving it is just a matter of time and hardwork!

Our Job is to take your ideas forward and help you reach at desired success stage!

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