Festival time has just begun! Gear up for Ecommerce Sales!

India is richest country in traditions and culture. As a part of our traditions and culture, we celebrate number of festivals like no other countries in the entire world. To be part of that celebrations, Indians all over the world, do maximum shopping during this time of the year-starting from September to January. It is altogether a new season in India called ‘Festive Season’. It is the most exciting time for the shoppers and marketers as well. Shoppers are excited to experiment the latest trends, have loose purse strings and most importantly this period is considered to be auspicious for any major buy. On the other hand, marketers have fresh stocks of products and ready to showcase the latest fashions and designs of all the categories. It is the time for preparing for new beginnings! Not an individual but the whole family is indulged into it. Emotions ride high during this season in shopping!

We all know that with the technology fast developing, shopping through ecommerce websites is the latest trend in India. According to Technopark Advisors, these festive months are expected to account 40% of the total $10 billion annual sales in the Indian Ecommerce Industry. Last year according to Rohit Bansal, Co-Founder of Snapdeal, when most of the companies were expecting 25-30% increase in demand, many of us did high 10 times the normal business. The results were so spectacular that Flipkart saw a whooping sales of 2 million products in one single day. They named it as Big Billion Day! Thus this part of the year gives Ecommerce business the best chance to increase the traffic and sales. To attract the potential customers and keep them engaged throughout the year!

So Gear up for the great bonanza with some of the tips!

Give a Festive Look to your Online Store:


When the customer sees your online store while searching, your store should be ready for their festival buyouts. They should be put into the mood of festival buying by festival appropriate website colours and design. Consumers love change. They love the festive mood and atmosphere, so your website should inspire them by incorporating festival appropriate changes.

Showcase Your Star Festive Products:

Take the advantage of the chances of increased visibility during this season. Showcase your best products in impressive and convincing way to the consumers. Place the product images suitable for the festivities to attract the customers. Update your product range. Introduce some new sensational product of current trend.

Special Ad Campaigns:

Come up with special innovative advertisement for the festival time. Advertisements which synchronizes with the emotional waves during this time. As emotions are high, so should be the campaign. For e.g. Cadbury product Dairy Milk always comes up with festival appropriate advertisements which puts consumers into the mood and offers them a delight. Advertisement should give a ‘kick’ to the festive spirit!

Festive offers and discounts:


Your enthusiasm to boost your sales should not be reflected as the opportunity to exploit consumers. It should reflect you and them as partners in celebration! So give them special festival offers and discounts on the products and encourage them to buy happily! They can be in the form of Buy one Get one, Free samples, discount on second purchase, easy delivery options, easy return/exchange policy. Give ‘something extra’. Because that ‘something extra’ gives them the delight! But place your offers for limited periods, which push the customers to avail the advantage of offers at earliest. Give ‘Flash and Lightening Sale’ which will tend to keep the customers a close watch on your website.

Avoid Feedbacks

Festive season is the most hectic days for the people. They have lot on their agenda during this time. So priority should be sales and that too quick. So, avoid time consuming feedbacks from them. They can always be done later.

Unlock the power of Social Media

During festivities, people tend to get more and more social. They try to connect with their friends, relatives and associates all over the world. Even NRIs also are keeping close watch on the Indian markets during this time, because what you get in India cannot be available from any other place in the world. So, for this purpose, enhance your Facebook store, Your Google, Twitter and Pinterest presence. Get more festival oriented promotional ads on social media and leverage the increased social activities.

Most Important! Do not run out of the stock!

Keep your store full with inventory. Be prepared for the increased sales. Keep proper stock of all the items to match the demand. Because during this time, people want it and want it ‘fast’! So be sprint in your business and don’t be out of stock!

Remember, Ecommerce is on the growing stage in India. Be smart and enthusiastic to grow with this growing stage. Festival times are the best times to grow rapidly and ensure a good customer base!

Happy Celebrations!

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