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Adding to a content shopping experience is what every eCommerce platform vies for! Whenever he/she decides to create their own online store and get hold of eCommerce Software in India – their aim is to boost sales and increase conversions. But conversions do not depend solely on designs, look, but also depends on a very important factor – payment process. More the easier payment process, more conversions can yield thus making more profit.

Online Store Features Your checkout page is something that attracts people to proceed further towards the payment page. Thus, make sure to have very good and easy checkout page. For this, try and include maximum payment modes. Several eCommerce platforms have a debit / credit card, net banking or cash on delivery. Apart from these, there are other modes too, like cash cards, Mobikwik wallet, Paytm, etc. More the options, more customers will glue to your store. Along with payment modes, give options for choosing their banks too. Several stores mention fewer banks, thus the customer abandoning the page.

Most importantly, try and skip login process. Many people hate signing up or registering for any website because they feel they will be bombarded with promotional e-mails. Above all, on many instances a person tends to forget the login id and password and when it is asked he finds a better option – abandonment. Along with this, people also don’t like getting redirected elsewhere because that takes definitely a long time for placing the order and as the name suggests – you are shooing them away from your page! Also, if you are in need of information then try and ask minimal information. Some stores have a lengthy form which really becomes boring to fill.

Try and ask only important information which is mandatory for the smooth placing of order. Also in case there are any errors, then trying to display them on the screen where the visitor can see. Many times, while punching credit/debit card, the numbers might be mistaken, then give an error in the form of a dialog box that gets displayed there and there and not somewhere at the top wherein the visitor is clueless what’s going on!

Now that you have their information, always assure them that they are well protected and secured. Mention your security policies which will help them test your authenticity and help you in retaining your customers too. Many consumers fear of information getting leaked and so it is your job to give them assurance that their shopping experience will be completely safe. During this entire process, put a full stop to your ads as they can act as a major distraction. If they keep popping up, then believe me, you will lose your clientele.

Make your process crystal clear with proper call to action buttons. This will help them in easy navigation. These tips will definitely help you in averting shopping abandonment, but make sure to try different designs before deciding upon anything. After all, ‘trial and error’ methods definitely work!

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