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Groceries are a vital part of our daily life. At times, we can skip our trips to a restaurant or movie halls, but skipping a trip to the grocery store is a big no-no that too for obvious reason. If we stopped using tooth-paste, soap and vegetables, I am sure our life will come to a standstill.

eCommerce Software in India

However, going to the market after work, shopping for hours and then coming home is a tad tedious. So, eCommerce has simplified this process of having an online grocery store. Today, in India we have various online stores like Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, Grofers, etc. However, the question arises – how to open online grocery store? To know more, read on.

  • Thorough research: This is very important before taking the leap. You should find out your target group and study their manners towards online store. The most talked about target group or your niche market can be household. Homemakers play a vital role in groceries and they are the sole decision makers. So, targeting them and providing them with the best of services is altogether a great positive sign of growth. After this, revenue model, business strategies, marketing – online and offline and many more will follow one by one.
  • Stock arrangement and registration of firm: After research, you need to first make arrangements of stock. Depending upon your budget, make arrangements, but do not forget to include important components and items which have great market value. When you are confident you are ready to go, register your firm in sole proprietorship or partnership. Get hold of a good Chartered Accountant who will guide you with taxes.
  • Website development: Without a website you cannot carry forward your business, so come up with a good and attractive website. Make sure that you make it user friendly, browser compatible and also mobile responsive. Your next extension should be a mobile app to beat your competitors. If time and budget permits, try and add local language too, for people from all sectors to shop!
  • eCommerce platform: Gone are the days when people would sit beside a developer and design their website. Instead, they choose eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, Mart2Web, etc., for hosting the website. These platforms have abundant themes and templates to come up with your dream store. They take care of everything right from designing to setting up payment modes and integration with payment gateways. The best part about these platforms is that they give you abundant support and when in trouble they guide you well!
  • Easy checkout: Many stores complicate the process of ‘check-out’, thus disappointing the customers. Hence, make sure that your store is integrated with smooth checkout process and have online payment modes.
  • Marketing and advertising: Last but the least marketing of your venture. As your budget permits, make a strategy for your marketing and advertising plans. Make sure to include online marketing to the fullest! Other modes can be newspaper ads, pamphlets, etc.

Now that you have a full proof plan, make sure you don’t spend entire money. Maintain savings and maintain records too! If you have any problem in coming up with your website then definitely pay a visit on – a one stop solution for your online store woes!

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