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Every businessman knows how important it is to cater to the needs of the customer. If a customer is dealing with a problem, then it is very necessary that he gets help on time. This help can come in the form of telephone or even email.

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However, the new feature that has been creating waves is the live chat. Before deciding upon eCommerce store name ideas, people finalize to have a live chat facility. Want to know why?

  • Convenience: Live chat is more convenient for people as they get a response immediately. On one side, if they are browsing through various items on the website, then on the other side, they can ask for assistance too. If they don’t find the product, desired sizes or have any other difficulty, then it can be solved there and there with live chat.
  • Cost effective: Most customers avoid calling on telephone numbers because they don’t want to chip in cash! But on live chat you don’t have to spend and you get help instantly. Live chat is not only beneficial for the customer, but also for the owners. One representative can handle multiple clients at the same time. With this, the businessman does not have to hire more people, thus helping him manage his financial planning.
  • Lead the competition: There are several bigwigs who still do not have live chat. With this, you can stand out in the crowd and make a mark of ‘uniqueness’ amongst your clientele. By having live chat, customers will be drawn to your website because they will have an assurance that their queries will be solved on the spot.
  • Upward sales: With live chat, your sales will experience a growth. Customers know that when he/she is caught in a pickle, live chat representative will guide them immediately. Not only this, but if the customer has stored the items in the shopping cart, but somehow is reluctant to buy then he can be convinced with a live chat. You can clear his misconceptions regarding shopping and guide him for finalizing the products.

Live chat truly helps in strengthening the bond between the customer and the seller and thus helping in boosting conversions. So, if you don’t have a live chat on your eCommerce platform, then get it now! And if you are thinking how to make an eCommerce website with live chat, then Mart2Web is the solution to your query!

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