All You Need To Know About Pop-ups

While you are admiring and cherishing your online shopping experience, it somehow gets interrupted because of some annoying pop-ups. These pop-ups flaunt some sale, registration, subscription, or even online chat! Then you have to turn your attention towards it and the first thing you do is either scan it or close it.


Well, I agree that they might be a hindrance in your rendezvous, but several eCommerce software companies make sure to have pop-ups because they can be a great crowd puller too. Want to know how? Read on!

  • Can cherish relationships: while a visitor visits your online, pop-ups usually try and build a cordial relationship between the seller and the buyer. They flash information that can strike a chord in the heart of the buyer urging him to buy from your store. Not only this, pop-up of an online chat is a boon, especially when you are caught in a puddle. At times, your favourite product might be out-of-stock or unavailable in your size. And so, in a situation like this, online chat comes to your rescue! The executives immediately guide and help you solve your issue, thus resulting in a ‘happy shopping experience’.
  • Helps in having an email list: Several times your registration forms go unnoticed and hence you fail to have a database of your visitors. However, with pop-ups, you can make your form visible and can urge people to sign up! To add to it, you can also include sale and discounts if a person registers, thus adding him/her in a pool of your future clientele.
  • Mesmerizing customers with your brand: With pop-ups, people can actually fall in love with your brand and relate to it. With this, the chances of driving traffic will not only be more, but the sales will also go high! Once visitors get a hang of your brand, then it takes them altogether to another level which makes them your loyal consumer.

However, at times these pop-ups might leave customers in an irritating state. Especially, when your user is a tech geek and knows very well what role does a pop-up play! If too many pop-ups then, he will head directly towards the exit door! Not only this, but few pop-ups also slow down the loading of a page or even display irrelevant messages. Some also keep on popping all the time, which are untimely and making this entire shopping experience a major ‘thumbs down’. So, when you make up your mind of starting your own online store, have pop-ups but do not overdo it, as it might leave your users in an irate state!

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