How Will You Plan The Most Awaited Online Sale?

As the monsoon kick starts, the first thing that every individual is eyeing for is the Monsoon Sale! Most of the retail industry indulges into a clearance sale wherein they give away huge discounts on all brands. So, when you plan to create your own eCommerce website, you have to keep a tab on various sales and discounts.

Build your own eCommerce Website

You can download free online store Templates that suit your theme and can allure visitors in buying your products. Before that follow these tips before announcing the most wanted sale.

  • Appropriate messages and pop-ups: when your sale is on, make sure you design relevant messages that will go with your sale. If you fail in delivering the same, your users might get confused and leave the page immediately. This is a warning which might lead you to lose customers who might never return back.
  • Design website according to the sale: whenever any person visits, he should know that you have an ongoing sale which is better and bigger. Download some free online store Templates which are not too gaudy, but will go with the theme of your sale. Try making it attractive and change elements which are too boring for a sale.
  • Free shipping: who doesn’t like free shipping? I am sure, if you keep this feature, you will definitely have a large number of conversions and visits too. But be very cautious about the timeline of free shipping because sometimes, you might forget to change the settings after the sale and that might land you in a puddle. So, keep a proper tab on the same.
  • Easy check-out process: a very important factor for a stress free shopping experience. Don’t have a complicated check-out process, ultimately making it a boring experience. Have a one-page check-out, so that people don’t have to go through a long procedure of registrations which will ultimately fade away their shopping enthusiasm.
  • Good customer support: this is another factor that every store should keep in mind. During sale, there is a rise in blunders or out-of-stocks issues. So, make sure your customer service or help desk is in place to help your customers in a better way.
  • Timeline of your sale: Keep a tab on your sale and let people repeatedly know when your sale is going to start and when it is going to end. For that keep a timer flashing on your homepage, so that people are well aware of the duration and might not get disheartened.
  • Test all your changes: before going live, test all your changes made on your eCommerce website. You should see to it that all your functionalities are in a working condition. This is very important aspect, especially during the ‘sale’ period.

Putting up a sale is a hurricane task, but unless and until you don’t take risks, how will you taste success? So keep these tips in mind and plan your big day!

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