How to Tackle the Problem of Un-Installation of Apps?

When you decide upon to build your own online shopping website, the first thing that should strike you is to have a mobile app. A mobile app takes your marketing to the next level. In fact, today not only the bigwigs, but all small businesses have their own mobile apps. The best thing of having an app is that you are visible all the time.  Not only this, but you can give information on sale, discounts directly on your mobile app.

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However, sometimes, users might get irritated and uninstall your app. Thus, to cut the count of removal, here are some tips that you need to follow:

User-friendly app: it is very necessary to have a user-friendly as well as eye-pleasing app. The functionality that has been used should be easy as to avoid difficulties. The colours you use should not be too gaudy.

Irritating notifications: people get very upset when they are in the middle of their work and start getting notifications, and the first thing they do – is uninstalling the app. Mobile is literally a personal space of a user and intruding into it, is definitely bothersome. Thus, give them options wherein they can switch off these notifications.

Troublesome registration: do not keep too lengthy and complicated registration process. Keep the registration form short just like bigwigs Amazon or Flipkart. Create a user using either phone number or email address. This reduces time and efforts of the user too.

Using social media account info: many apps use social media account info thus intruding into the personal space of the user. Many users do not like to give their Facebook or Twitter details as they fear that their info might be misused, and hence when the app asks them, they prefer to uninstall it.

‘Rating’ the app notifications: some apps while undertaking any task gives a continuous notification to rate it. This push notification is truly irritating and at times, it cannot be removed. So, user prefers to remove the entire app altogether!

Crashing of apps: this is one of the most important factor due to which users uninstall app. As soon as your app starts freezing or crashes, it is shown the exit door. So, it is necessary while developing the app to fix all the bugs, test it well and only then let user install it.

So, before designing your app, follow these steps, and use your app like a user and you will be able to analyze it better! Mobile marketing is a game changer in the world of e-commerce, so make right use of it!

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