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Have you ever wondered what gives a WOW factor to your ecommerce store? Is it the overall design? Yes, but in design which factor plays to make your ecommerce store stand out?

It is Colour. According to a study, 85% of the people make the decision based on colours. Colours used on your site, play an appealing role for your store. Human beings have strong visual sense and depending on the colours used, people judge your store. In addition to that, you can pass on the visual message of your business to the users whether you are conservative or contemporary, sophisticated or casual, cutting edge or traditional etc.…

Many times, you may have wondered how come my competitors are getting more visitors than my store inspite of selling the same products with same price & features.  Among many reasons, one strong one can be the attractiveness of the website due to colours.

Thus, ecommerce owners cannot bypass the importance of colour science when it affects as important as sales. Each colour brings different reactions and invokes different sentiments in people and it is very important to understand that. Depending upon

  • How you want to project your brand?
  • Target audience
  • Age of the audience
  • Nature of your products
  • Target Countries
  • Message you wish to convey
  • You need to spray the colours on online store.
  • It involves art backed with science and psychology.

What is colour psychology?

It is study of psychology as to how the colour influences the decisions of people. If you understand it thoroughly and apply it, you can leverage that

  • Can create a stronger brand impact
  • Take the sales higher
  • Forecast how the users will respond to your store.
  • You can bring the effect of persuasion
  • Thus, web designers can explain better how colour influences the consumers. It involves the art of persuasion.

Certain colours schemes –

  • Will appeal to user and click on a call-to-action button
  • Will be able to keep the user to browse the online store for longer time
  • Will be able to convince and finally persuade for sales.

Each colour invokes different reactions and emotions among people. And depending on that observations and study, each colour can be used strategically to get the best outcome. Let us see some of the widely used colours, what emotions they invoke and how to apply that observation for the ecommerce store.

RED: It is a high energy colour immediately catching the eye. It signifies urgency, attention, love, danger. Hence this colour can positively and strategically used to catch some attention like projecting sales, promoting sales & discounts.

ORANGE: It is again an energetic colour which symbolises joy, enthusiasm, happiness and vitality. It can be used to leverage the effect on call-to-action button.

YELLOW: It signifies youthfulness and optimism. Also cheerfulness, optimism and vibrant. It makes your online store look fresh and grabs the users’ attention. But there is negative inference also like it is a colour signifying deceit.

GREEN: It is a colour with many connotations in web design. It symbolises nature and even wealth. It is easy on eyes. Put green colour on your website and user will stay longer on your store.

BLUE: It invokes emotions of safety, trust and brand loyalty. It symbolises calmness and cool. Many business use blue as they intend to gain trust of the users and make a purchase. It is used by many financial institutions.

PINK: It signifies a whole bunch of emotions. It signifies femininity, romance, and youthfulness, fun and exciting. It is used extensively where majority of the audience are women and products are for women and girls.

PURPLE: It signifies royalty and affluence. To look more elite, ecommerce website use this colour. But it is also soothing and calm. Hence it used to ecommerce store selling high-end creative products or services, in retail and beauty. It also often towards middle aged and older users like for anti-aging products.

BLACK: It symbolises many emotions like red. It is a powerful and strong colour. Hence used on the online store for luxury items. On the negative side it symbolises fraud, grief and dark emotions. It should not be used much on the ecommerce store. If you use, use it with other colours like Gold & Silver.

GREY: It shows neutrality. It reflects conservative and formal outlook. Elite ecommerce use this to show authority and high quality. It is generally used as background colour so that other effect of other colours are enhanced.

BROWN: It invokes the sense of dependability and stability. It also signifies friendliness and comfort.  It is used by ecommerce who wants to project them as a reliable store.

WHITE: It reflects simplicity, purity and cleanliness. It is fresh, inviting, cool and open. It is one of the popular choice of ecommerce store.

After knowing the effect and interpretation of different colour and putting down all the parameters of your target, use the colours strategically to get the best results out of your ecommerce design. Ultimately sales matter, so one should not leave out any factors which enhances sales.

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