3+ Mistakes of E-commerce Design

It is an excellent idea to do business online by having your ecommerce site. But it is dangerous to have a poorly designed website. Online store is identity of your business in online world. Whether the aesthetics or the shopping experience, it matters the most to the customers. In today’s date, ecommerce business has huge competition and users are spoilt with choices with promising options. Therefore, it is wrong to blame the customers if they shift from your webstore to other to avail better services and experience.

No doubt there are other factors also which may be responsible if your online store is not attracting significant number of customers. But, design of the website comes first as that is going to create the first impression of your business to users who do not know you.

Let us see what all these mistakes can be:

Poor Images or lack of proper images:

  • In the online world, users can get the feel of your products only by visuals.
  • Some ecommerce site puts less number of images than required while some put too many pictures by which users get uncomfortable as the images gets downloaded on their device.
  • On some ecommerce sites, images are so heavy that they take lot of time to get downloaded which frustrates the users.
  • On some websites, images are blurred which does not give enough information of the product.
  • Many also place pictures copied from other websites and they may not be even having the same product as in the image.
  • Hence the underlined rule is that, businesses should put images which are
  • Optimum size for any device,
  • Crisp & clear,
  • Informative about the product
  • Compelling to buy
  • Images of actual products
  • Upload in optimum number- they should be uploaded in the required numbers only and not too many which can confuse the users.

Lack of proper product descriptions:

  • In virtual space, besides images, product description tells most of the things about your products. One has to carefully plan the content for the product descriptions such that it
  • Provides all the necessary information which any user will seek on website
  • Interesting as well as informative with proper fonts
  • Authentic and precise description, should not be too long
  • With SEO Keywords which can top your site on SERP
  • Should not be copied from other brands or store which reduces your competitiveness
  • Exact specifications
  • Descriptions should be in sync with images

As the customers cannot pick-up your products and get the actual feel of how the product is, it is a responsibility for ecommerce business owners to provide with correct and informative, engaging and compelling content as well as visuals.

Frustrating experience in product selection:

Many times, ecommerce business displays those products on the website which they do not actually sell. Or the products is no longer available as it is outdated for examples in electronic items like cameras, mobile phones. Though the owners have stopped selling them, they haven’t removed it from the site, so this creates confusion as well as unnecessary frustration to the customers. So, ecommerce websites should be regularly updated with product images and descriptions.

Improper site navigation:

Some website, though having an impressive landing page, fail to attract the customers. Why? Because their page sequences are confusing for the user. User does not have the same perspective as yours when they go to your site. It is important to understand that. Therefore have a user-friendly site with proper navigation. Providing the sitemap is also a good option as users can know which page is where.

Difficult and Cumbersome checkout process:

All the processes of buying may be well set-up on the site, but when the time comes for checkout, if the process turns out to be lengthy and full of hassles, then customers will abandon the shopping cart and there will be no conversion. So, it is very crucial to have a hassle-free checkout process asking with minimal information only. Customers finds it frustrating to fill all the details which they may find irrelevant to provide on the site, as they may find it jeopardising their privacy or they may get flooded with spam mails or unnecessary marketing calls. Customers do not want that, they dislike too many marketing/promotional emails and calls. So by asking too many information you may lose the customer permanently eventhough your products may be fine.

Customers even want flexibility in the payment process. Hence ecommerce has to be integrated with authentic payment gateways and be open to accepting the transaction through multiple modes. In addition to that, customers want utmost security when in payments. They do not want their bank information or the credit/debit information leaked to anyone.

Prices of the products should be displayed finally including the shipping costs and other taxes if applicable. There should be no hidden cost, if you do not follow that practise, customer may buy from you for one time but next time he/she will lose trust in you.

Not having a responsive design:

This is a major setback in today’s smartphone age. Most of the population of the entire globe use smartphones for researching of the products and as well as buying. So, if your site is not responsive to various digital devices, it cannot be accessed by many hence your client reach decreases, resulting in lower sales than your competitors. No business can afford to not to adapt to the increasing technology used by the customers. It has to follow that path which customer takes to navigate to find about your products and buy.

There are other numerous other mistakes which can be avoided during design of ecommerce website. Select the good and proven online store application provider which can guarantee you a satisfactory sales and support in addition to an amazing and attractive store which can take your ideas far and wide.

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