Importance of Product Packaging in Ecommerce

There are number of factors working for the success of Ecommerce. Out of these factors, packaging of the products is one of the important ones. Why?

Packaging creates the first impression about your business when the product reaches at customer’s place.

For an e.g. you own an online business for providing vegetables at customer’s doorstep. A customer places an order on your website or an app and is expecting fresh vegetables in best conditions. Now, vegetables being the perishable items, for various reasons, if not properly packed, will get damaged enroute to customer’s site. Imagine the frustration of the customer when squashed tomatoes and crimpled spinach reaches at their doorstep

You may think that in the above case products are vegetables, so extra care need to be taken and not for my products like books or garments. In that case, what will be the impression on the customer when the pages of the books are turned at the corners or the trousers and shirts reaches in crimpled form with some dirt on them? Packing has to be according to the type of the products. Different products has different packaging requirements.

Yes, in ecommerce, packaging requires extra efforts as shopping/business is done in virtual space. It is of utmost importance that the packaging is done according to the type of the product and after considering the weather conditions along the route to customer’s site. If on the shipping route weather conditions are rainy, snowy or humid, it will definitely affect the products if the packaging is not done properly. We all know that electronics items, artworks, garments, perishable items and many others get affected very easily by the weather and by the time they reach at the customer’s doorstep some of them are not in the useful conditions and the your company will have to bear extra costs for that damage. So why not to take care beforehand so that products reach in the conditions expected by the customer. Thus, protection of the products is of extreme importance while shipping.

One of the very important reason for an impressive packaging is that it will create the first impression on the customer’s mind when the product will in his/her hand. In ecommerce, the shopping happens virtually-customer has seen your product virtually and has put trust in you. So they will expect that virtual product will be exactly the same in reality. Now if packaging spoils the product, first thing which will happen is that customer will no longer have faith in your service, secondly if he returns back the product you will have to bear the cost and thirdly you lost a customer. OOPS!

Attractive packaging delights people.  They always get fascinated  by the beautiful, colourful, elegant packaging design. It matters to many people that packaging should be as elegant as the value of the product. Imagine, if somebody has ordered an elegant watch worth 3000₨ and it arrives in his hand in a bubble wrapping, is it not going to dishearten or may be even frustrate him? So, lot of stress is being put on the design aspects of packaging materials. It may be in plain solid colours, or in designs appropriate for the products inside or the packaging with your company’s logo. Designs are as important as having an attractive website and product descriptions as it projects your brand image and gain customer’s trust and satisfaction.

There are many third party packaging companies, who is totally focussed on packaging the various kinds of products. They have or should have the expertise on requirements of packaging different types of products like electronics items, robust items, sharp items, fragile items, perishable items, items with limited life and etc. Also the shipment or logistics companies also provide these services. For e.g. UPS, FedEx etc. They have their own set of guidelines and rules for variety of the items to be packed and it has to be followed for the proper delivery of goods. In order to ensure proper delivery of their products many ecommerce businesses and marketplaces prefer these professional third party services.

Just as you invest in ecommerce website and other marketing strategies, it is crucial that you invest in good and reliable packaging of the ordered products. Main reasons are summarised as:


  • Protection of the ordered product




  • Impression on the customer




  • Trust of the customer




  • Retaining the customer




  • Increase in business sales




  • Brand image




  • Maintaining the value of the product




  • Avoid returns and its cost




Do not lose out on factors like packaging. For ecommerce business it is necessary to stay focussed on every factors right from the selection of the products to delivering the products. Your concentrated efforts in delivering the best will gain satisfaction and ultimately business from your customers.



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