Welcome 2016 with New Trends in E-commerce

In one week’s time, we will be welcoming New Year 2016! Reflecting on the experience gathered during the whole year and especially during the festive times at the end of the year would enthuse you to welcome the New Year in a promising way!

It is predicted that half of the world population would shopping online by 2018! Which means half of the world is the potential customer for ecommerce companies! To support this emerging revolution, there will be many new things getting introduced, like new technology, new gadgets, and new business strategies, new formulas to attract potential customers and retain the existing ones. This will lead to continuous metamorphosis in E-commerce industry.

Gear up for the New Year, target for the higher objectives and get focussed! For to meet that let us look as some of the trends which will be rule in 2016:

  • Redefined buying behavior

It is estimated that every year spending of people online is increasing. To take advantage of this wave of online shopping, every business work towards in finding out

  1. Who their customers are
  2. What are their expectations
  3. How do they search
  4. What drives their purchasing decisions

This can be done by getting into customer data and analysing it. Good data analysis will definitely give you insights on the consumer behaviour and your drive your business accordingly.

  • Go Mobile

Estimation is around 4.5 billion people around the world are using smartphones. In this fast paced world coupled with latest mobile technology, consumer wants most of their tasks to be done through touch and tap. So if your business is not adopting to M-commerce, then it is at biggest disadvantage as it will lose out on the newest potential consumers. Hence along with laptop, desktop, it is imperative to keep in mind mobile as it is going to dominate in 2016.

  • Multi-Channel accessibility

Going mobile does not mean, closing down all the other channels of marketing and accessibility. This is one of the greatest challenge with technology advancement, no business can afford to lose out on conventional marketing channels while on the process of adapting to new ones. So consumers, with more and more options every day, they take advantage of all the options provided to them. Hence do not lose on other devices like desktop, laptop. TV, radio etc. In fact a very smart marketing strategies will have to be implemented involving all the conventional channels.

  • Spread on Social Media

Social media sites are getting more and more dominant and popular among human race. Because of its ease in getting and staying social wherever and whenever around the world, most of the people access regularly on these sites. Get leverage out of this trend.

  1. Introduce your business
  2. Gather more customer eyeballs
  3. Stay connected to your existing customers
  4. Try to know more about your customers by finding out their preferences and likes-dislikes.
  5. Spread your business through their socialization network.
  6. Know your competition


  • Popularize through Video

No doubt, product descriptions and their photos with various views are important for customers to gather knowledge about your business products. But nothing can replace a video, giving real knowledge about the product and its usability. A well-made video can give very good and clear picture about products which can convince the customers and gain trust.

  • Integration with E-wallet and various payment gateways

Payment convenience is the key to success of e-commerce. So integrate your website with latest technological advancement like E-wallet. It gives consumers ease, flexibility and convenience in shopping online which leads to their better and pleasant experience which ultimately boost your sales.

In the end, as the New Year comes, gear up with renewed spirits to inculcate the latest trends in your business and grow and spread your business with growing wave of online shopping. More money may not be required but innovation would be definitely required. Innovate and welcome the new possibilities to grow and sustain in 2016!

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