Appealing Product Description and its Importance on Ecommerce Website

Why E commerce Websites should have appealing product descriptions?

FIRST POINT: On E-commerce website, Product Description creates the first impression of the product on prospective customer’s mind. People will not be able to physically see, touch, feel and experience the product. So through description, the customer should get the feel of the products.

SECOND POINT: Write product descriptions such that both consumers and search engines identify product at the top of the list of all similar competitive products. Search engines will be able to put website on top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with rich and good content.

Developing Ecommerce website is one thing but attracting customers and keeping them engaged is entirely a different aspect. The product has to be positioned in the mind of the prospective customer. Customers identify those products which occupy the first place in their mind.


For writing the impressive content for product descriptions, facts lie in the following questions and answers:

WHO USES THIS PRODUCT? Consumers come first. The product consumers may be classified according to gender, age, lifestyle or it can be any other definite group of people. Knowing the segment of the consumers help in identifying their needs and expectations from the product.

WHAT IS THIS PRODUCT? It means product details like name of the product, model of the products. And other basic details like dimensions, material, features and functions. It is important to describe those details first which matter to the consumers.

WHERE IS THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT? Product uses like is it for indoor purpose or outdoor. E.g. tent. Other e.g. is cap. It is used to wear on the head. Application and uses of the product should be known such that they match the expectations in the mind of the consumers. Hence, sequencing and highlighting those uses which are required by the consumers, will help.

WHEN THE PRODUCT CAN BE/SHOULD BE USED? There are products which can be used only during the day for e.g. Solar Cooker. Or only during summer for e.g. Ice-creams. Time specifications of the product should be known.

WHY IS THE PRODUCT BETTHER THAN OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS? It means knowledge of competitive features of the product should be known. It will enhance the products competitiveness.

HOW THE PRODUCT WORKS? For many products we need to know the working of the product. For e.g. how does DVD player works? How Microwave Oven works?

After having answers to all the questions above, there comes the art! Art of putting all the above answers comprehensively such that the consumers relate with them.

BUILD A STORY AROUND YOUR PRODUCT: For e.g. if your product is any insurance scheme then build a story about why having an insurance is advisable. Why should the consumer have the insurance from your organization?

KEEP IT SIMPLE: For the content part of specifications, giving few but key attributes is the best idea. Key words make reading easy and fast.

KEEP CONTENT ORIGINAL: Do not copy paste the product description of the similar products from any other websites. Remember customers compare not only the products but also the description. Copying similar product descriptions has the danger of promoting that product instead of yours.

USE KEYWORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO): Think which words you own for the product and which your competitor does not? What keywords will the customers feed in the search engines while searching for a product. After brainstorming and thinking logically, use those keywords in your descriptions. SEO helps you to be on the top of SERPs.

PUT VIDEOS OF THE PRODUCTS: Along with images and zoom in and out options, put product videos also. Customers will get deep insight of the product.

MENTION SOCIAL PROOFS: Don’t forget to mention how proven your product is. Give examples like mention of product in newspaper or by some important personality.

Remember, the consumer should be able to relate with your product. Your product description is the bridge between the consumers’ imagination and the features which the product offers.


Product Description is the key to success of E-commerce. Never feed it only by words but also emotions and actions to it. It should be able to unlock the customer’s imagination about the product.

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