E-Commerce + Social Media = Revenue Growth

On one side, social media has revolutionized the way people socialize with each other and on the other side e-commerce has established more and more marketplaces on internet. People socialize and also converse about their needs as well as products they prefer, largely to minimize post purchase cognitive dissonance. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the influence of social media on online markets. We can say that social media is shaping the way business is established online. So just having an Ecommerce website is not enough. It is equally important to have its presence on social media as there is where your customers are! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram have become ubiquitous in our lives, people use to communicate, socialize, information, buying and selling. Thus social media is no longer a chat room but evolving as an online business platform. Online businesses can directly engage and reach out to potential customers by introducing their products, developing interest by showing the best and pertinent features which places them as unique and turn their ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘pins’ eventually into sales revenue. Sustained presence helps the businesses in shaping their brands and gain mindshare of their target customers. Thus fusion of social media and e-commerce is inevitable.

In India, Social Media and E-commerce are in the developing stage and over the coming years it will unfold humongous opportunities for brands to gain the early footage. So now is the time to get involved. Hence Ecommerce platforms and Businesses can build the base for strong lasting relationship and benefit each other.

Statistics of Internet Usage, Social Media Usage and Social use in India:


Facebook enjoys the dominant status on Social Media!


Source http://wearesocial.net/tag/india/

Ecommerce driven Business cannot ignore the above statistics and findings (given by We Are Social).

It is just not enough for the online business to be on the social media. The businesses need to strategize the methods for their presence to be felt by larger audience. Business leaders need to know if those strategies are working to maximize the wallet share and eventually yield rewarding returns. Let us take an overview of important points for social media presence.


Study your online business needs and identify how can social media help you.


Have proper marketing strategies, plans and targets. Targets should be well defined. You can define in a better way S-M-A-R-T approach – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Social Media Platform

Select the platform which brings out the best result for your business. It should be the one where will you will have larger customer base and all the marketing efforts should be directed on that particular platform. Use business tactics wisely which is relevant on that social media site. For e.g. on Facebook, invest in paid advertisement and campaigns.


  • Increase Customer eyeballs and keep them Engaged. By the presence on social media, online business can target the potential customers by studying their likes and preferences from their interaction. After study, marketers will be able to segment the customers which will help to optimize promotions and campaigns for their product and achieve targets.
  • Social presence helps you to directly interact with your existing and new customers and reduce the response time to their queries. You can even understand their requirements in better way. Help them efficiently and provide the services accordingly.
  • Do not expect positive feedback always, be open for critical review of your products. Critical review helps you improve and grow.


First impression is the last impression. So have well designed storefront and put only the necessary requirements of your products and not a long story about it. Always create an impression of your store as a collection of products which the customers are interested in and do not project as to directly sell the products. Use subtleness in your content. Share useful tips for your existing customers, regularly update your content, curate content and use intelligent marketing strategies to stay connected with your customers.


Hashtags are the important tools nowadays for social media posts. They make the posts distinctly unique, increase exposure and organize content. Optimum use of hashtags fetch amazing results!


As the internet technologies are getting revolutionized day by day, it is highly imperative to adapt quickly and introduce smart and highly targeted social marketing strategies. The prudent use of social media will definitely increase the visibility of your e-commerce website and enhance the customer involvement. The internet gives us the chance to experiment and optimize. The latest developments like social analytics and content publishing tools have allowed marketers to measure their social marketing reach. Thus with well-planned strategies aligned with your business goals and targets, social media gives an amazing opportunity to generate leads and pull traffic to your e-commerce website!

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