Why Does Your Ecommerce Website Require SSL Certification?


The entire world today is online; the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. We browse through any number of websites in a day, but we never bother about how secure they are. Trusting an unknown entity is not a comfortable feeling for many people, which is why many of us are still not comfortable sharing our personal details on the internet. Today not many websites are safe, because of which many information leaks happen, leaving people prone to risk from hackers.

One of the best ways to secure and protect a website from hackers is by installing a SSL Certificate. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic technique that establishes an encrypted connection between a server and a client by exchanging a symmetric key. It not only protects the sensitive information to be private and confidential as it transfers over the web and keeps data from being stolen by malicious hackers, moreover it gives confidence to customers to share their personal information with the website.

Reason for Using SSL

The main reason for using SSL is to keep sensitive information safe by sending them with an encrypted connection.Whenever shopping on an ecommerce website, you are forewarned to check for their SSL certification. SSL is a widely used feature on a majority of e-commerce websites mainly for data protection. These websites collect private information form visitors and customers. Moreover, these websites also collect information like username, password, credit card and bank details, the information collected could easily encounter identity theft if there are no encryption methods used. It is the responsibility of the online merchant to maintain data confidentiality for its consumers. By using, an SSL certificate, SSL encryption in enabled on the website, your data and personal information is well encrypted and becomes unreadable to anybody except the serve it is meant for.

Importance of SSL

SSL certification provides customers and visitors the stamp to gain their trust.Data security always makes customers nervous, and if online merchant were unable to convince visitors and customers on the security of their website, they would never be able to convince them to buy products.

Technically, SSL ensures transparency when establishing a secure session be it on an e-commerce portal or for online banking. A site that conveys trust is also more likely to be a site that makes more money. Therefore, while shopping ensure that the website has an SSL certification, it will give you the confidence to complete the transaction.

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