Profiling the Ideal Customer for Ecommerce

ideal customer

Ecommerce retailers are always on the lookout for the perfect customer that would lead them into the world of perpetual profits. Retailers spend billions, just profiling customers who visit them so that they can pamper them and entice them to come visit again.

It has become increasingly difficult for e-tailers to find and hold customers as online customers today are not loyal and do not want to spend in a single place. They are shopping in the comfort of their home and can afford to move to different sites for shopping. Mainly it is very difficult to find, retain or even define the ideal customer.

Loyal Customers

Ecommerce retailers are raining bargain deals and the main reason many customers actually shop online is that they can compare process easily and find the best deals without moving. Hence, it is very difficult to maintain customer loyalty in such a scenario.

Generally, retailers prefer customers who are going to spend more money and are affluent

Affluent shoppers do not curtail their shopping, irrespective of whether the economy is on a slowdown. However many sites who cater to this section of shoppers often forget the basic rules of customer services. A customer who is happy enough with the shopping experience to return and refer their friends could also be categorized as the ideal customer.

Customers who spread the word

In the online world, retailers who make customers happy, make them customers for a very long time and are really at an advantage when they start spreading the word. Today the medium of propaganda is endless we have social media, email, digital marketing etc. the list is endless.

Customers who shop frequently

No doubt, customers who shop often are the most sought after, but a customer who spreads a positive message about a site is also worth their weight in gold.

Loyalty, affluence and referral are the key traits of an ideal Ecommerce customer, but as mentioned earlier in today’s fast-paced world with even faster moving customers it is very difficult to pin down to profile of an ideal customer.

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