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Today the number of online stores has increased so much that it has made the internet a very crowded yet competitive marketplace. Almost every retailer has joined the bandwagon of Ecommerce and those that have not are tempted or being pressured to join. No doubt, it is a new business channel but there are certain ecommerce solutions that you need to consider before you start.

The Domain Namedomain-name

You need to have your own unique address, so registering your domain name is the first priority. You are now the sole owner of that web address and your business now has an online home.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software


An Ecommerce shopping cart software is comprehensive and is integrated with all aspects of online store like inventory; order management, shipping management and customer service. All you need to do is select an option, which best suits your requirements.

Ecommerce Web Hosting

web hosting

A professional web hosting for online stores offers many benefits. When you engage the services of a web hosting service, it fulfils all the necessary requirements of online stores like bandwidth, space merchandising and even design sometimes. Besides¬†you can be rest assured that there is always support available 24×7 in case of any issues.

Web Design

website design

In online stores, design matters the most, you can either use DIY web design templates or engage the services of a professional web designer. Either way you need to ensure that you follow the KISS (keep it Simple Silly) mantra, besides design you also need to consider user experience.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Now that all the initial features have been covered, you need to concentrate on one of the most important aspect. You cannot accept credit card payments, you need to set yourself up as a merchant as well as set up the payment gateway so that the money keeps coming in, most importantly do not forget the SSL certificate. The SSL certification gives a customer confidence while conducting online transactions.

So if you ready to sell online, get started with the above solutions.

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