Do Reviews and Ratings Help Retailers in E Commerce?

It is plain human tendency, always to take a second opinion while making a decision. This also works while making purchases. E-commerce retailers have recognized this trait of human nature and have been working to incorporate this into their E-commerce platforms. The reviews and ratings no doubt help the shopper to make an informed choice about the purchases they are likely to make, but what good it is to an online retailer.

The positive recommendations of the value of reviews are so many, but most importantly user reviews increase conversions. The reviews reduce doubts in the minds of the potential customer, helping them with the product selection.

Statistics reveal that almost 55% of the shoppers review products online before actually making a purchase. Everybody likes leaving reviews and there is no shortage of people ready to provide their opinions.

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The Benefits of Reviews

The main purpose of reviews is improving customer experience and conversions, but they also have SEO benefits

User Reviews are a great way to attract more content and as content is regularly updated, it provides Fresh and unique content for search engines. User-generated content can differentiate a product page in the search results.

A recent survey stated that 64% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing technology items; if you have reviews on your site, you have a better chance of picking up this traffic.

In addition, shoppers who write reviews tend to use the same language that other people will use when actually searching for them.

How to invite reviews from customers

The best way to encourage customer to leave review is to encourage them to do so, you can use a third party review provider, or email a customer post purchase, or offer an incentive. In either case, it would be best to make the process simple and easy and later you can even encourage the prospective customer to rate the review.

So try to appeal to your customers and inform them that they are important to you and their feedback valued to help better your products, services and customer engagement. It is clear that by doing so it is a totally win-win situation for both the customer as well as the retailer.

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