Shopping Cart Abandonment, Why Do Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying?

For any E-commerce platform, shopping cart abandonment is a very big issue they need to deal with. Many online shoppers are only there to browse. They place the items in their shopping cart but ultimately pull out of the transaction. The reasons for shopping cart abandonment has been plaguing the E-commerce industry ever since its inception, so what is the reason or reasons behind the shopping cart ‘abandonment’?


A recent study by has listed a number of reasons, which all E-commerce companies should sit up and take note and work on them to avoid or reduce the number of customers leaving without paying.

1) A shocking 56% claimed that when presented with hidden costs, they had no option but to    leave their purchases midway.

2) 37% people revealed that they were just browsing, mainly mobile shoppers; however, they also could be converted to impulse purchasers.

3) For the more tech savvy, who believe in comparison shopping, 36% people found a better price elsewhere at a different website.

Besides the above, some shopping cart abandonment also occurs due to the temperaments of the shoppers. 32% shoppers found the price too expensive and 26% decided against buying the product.

However most of the issues that result in this predicament lies within the operations of the E-commerce platform as presented below:

  • 25% people revealed that they found the website navigation too complicated
  • 24% claimed that the website had crashed.
  • 21% felt that the entire process was too lengthy.
  • 17% had some concerns over their payment security, and 18% felt there were too many security checks over payment issues.
  • 16% found the delivery options very unsuitable.
  • 15% claimed the website timed out and 13% frustratingly mentioned that the prices were displayed in a different currency, which they could not convert.

With regard to the shopper’s temperament and behavior, all the E-commerce companies would have to do is to woo them and pander to their wishes. However,the main crux to resolving the issues resulting in shoppers leaving without paying is in having a comprehensive, yet versatile E-commerce platform where checkout should be a breeze which would effectively rein in the shoppers.

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