Factors Influencing The Purchase Decision Of Online Shoppers

Ecommerce has taken the retail shopping industry by storm. Ecommerce platforms have mushroomed in different products, but are shoppers actually purchasing from these platforms. Companies spend billions of dollars hiring marketing consultants to study the behavioral patterns of the shoppers, which they can then incorporate on their ecommerce platforms to ensure its success.

Factors Influencing The Purchase Decision Of Online Shoppers-mart2web

Being an online shopper myself, I have listed below a few of the generic issues which influence me, as an online shopper to purchase from a particular platform.

The Quality of Product being sold, an inferior quality product is a strict no-no, in fact it reduces the credibility of the website, many a times the shopper may not visit again

Free Shipping is one of the incentives offered to purchasers, but many websites have a hidden clause; which offers free shipping conditionally on the purchase amount. This deters many online shoppers to purchase from that particular ecommerce platform.

Easy Returns, especially in case of garments, are a huge reason which induces the purchase decision of online shoppers. A shopper is rest assured that even if a particular garment does not look good and is of a wrong size, they can return it easily, which encourages them to buy.

A Review from a customer who has already used the product goes a long way in influencing online shoppers. An online shopper would seek for other options, in case of negative customer reviews.

An Attractive Website, a colorful display, great navigation and an easy checkout are some of the many factors which influence a purchaser’s decision, but more importantly it is the urgency for the products which finally effects the purchase decision of an online shopper.

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