Amazon Plan To Use Drone To Deliver Good, Create Ripple In E-commerce!

When Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, announced that they will use drones-unmanned helicopters to deliver goods within 30 minutes, by 2015 that he called Octocopters, the whole world started debate! Some called it as “Bezos fever dream”.

Amazon, the initially and famous online book shop has regain its position as largest E commerce players. Although this vision of using drone can be said exaggeration.

How could Amazon can deliver goods economically without deviating from its profit standard?

Customer satisfaction can go a long way by using this method. All this argument against using the drone, the feasibility can be discussed as below:

1. Economically Bad: The costing which is involved with drone is very high as compared to other mode of delivery. Delivering every order within 30 minutes within 10 miles range cannot be said economically viable.

2. What about when weather is bad: Weather condition always come with surprises! What about when due to cloudy, windy or snow it’s impossible for drone to deliver good There are indeed some restriction on the activity of drone aircraft due to extreme weather condition.

3. Landing: Drone will deliver goods to customer doorstep. But how much possible it is due to choked up street, trees and other hindrance. Imagine it will create unbelievable traffic nightmare. Risk is the next factor associated with it.
Regulatory issue: The most prominent fact, how the regulatory issue related to safe and secure service will be resolved.

The answers of all the points need to be provided in better way, although no doubt this can be revolutionary step in entire E commerce industry and we just hope “Drones hovering in the sky everywhere with the baggage of goods to be delivered”.

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