6 E commerce Lessons from Successful Online Shops


E Commerce today is more than $1.3 trillion industry. Top Online marketers are basking under the sky of wealth. Although this success should not be taken granted. Each successful online shop follow somehow similar path. Startup E commerce as well as struggling store should learn some winning lessons from them:

Feature Search

It doesn’t matter whether you have divided several category and sub category site visitors initially will want to use search rather than clicking through a site’s hierarchy. It is convenient for them to search the item in the search box they want to buy for. Make sure that customer should be able to search by any mean e.g. by brand name; product name, category name etc.

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Use Layered and Faceted Navigation

Almost every statistic can be turned on its head, so if 40-60 percent of shoppers are using search, the other 40-60 percent are using site navigation. It is used to filter easily by Brand, category or price wise. Many customer wish to buy products for a specific price range or by specific brand. This navigation helps them to easily perform that task.

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Use Large Attractive Product Images

At a brick-and-mortar store shoppers can physically handle a product, feeling its texture and weight, and seeing firsthand how it might fit or work. Online sellers must rely on written words, sometimes videos, and most often pictures. Image related to products should be clear, big and attractive so that customer can feel the product online! A better option should be to use 360 degree image view to visualize the product from every angle.

Include Good Product Descriptions

While pictures can be the best way to showcase a product in ecommerce, words still matter too. Having a good product description that explains a product and describes its features and benefits will go a long way toward converting an ecommerce sale.

Encourage Feedback

Sometimes boosting an ecommerce conversion rate can be about encouraging a lasting customer relationship, since repeat customers are likely to convert at a higher rate than are first time visitors to an online store. Too retain customer and to get more referral it is necessary that you encourage feedback. Negative or positive is just a matter of perception, appreciate positive one while try to remove functionality problem which result in negative feedback.

Engage your customer

Engage with your customer or simply connect with them helps in better way. Many site visitors may not turn to your customer on a very first instance. Although frequent engagement with them on blog or social networking sites keep them update about your new product offering etc. Connecting with your customer also result in word of mouth publicity that in turn brings more customers.


While there are certainly many ways to build lasting connections with online shoppers, many e commerce companies follows these steps. To avail these features for success you must’ve E commerce software india that boasts all these features. Before opting for shopping cart software check out its user friendliness along with customer oriented approach for long term success.

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