The Customer is the King in E commerce


“King the word associated with luxury; passion and most importantly special treatment”! Customer has always been king or point of attraction for every retailer since beginning. But due to some reasons in, E commerce retailing “each & every Point of Purchase move around customers”.

  • Unlike retail store; movement from one store to another doesn’t require money or physical exercise in E commerce segments. Just a single click of mouse and customer will shift from one store to another.
  • In e commerce customer identity is only limited to their name and contact detail. Personal contact is less as compared to retail stores. Hence to win customer loyalty is essential in online shopping.
  • 65% increase in number of Online store between 2010-2012, much more than retail presence, hence to beat the competition “ Customer need to be serve like king”!!

The above defined reasons are well enough to make you understand why Customer is king in e commerce. Now we move on what should be the perfect blend of strategy to really “crown the king”.

Interact with Customers:Here also you can interact with customers. Find them where they are: in social media, in Blog, forum etc. Active online presence keeps you in the constant touch of your customers. E.g. Online Apparel store can interact with customer like “Styling tips; Latest fashion” etc.

Empower and educate your customers:The product you sold through your online shopping store must have it own features. You need to tell these USP to your customers, so that they can understand its value. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Make return easier:One of the chances people take with online shopping is that the product they receive may not be the perfect fit. Make your returns policy as hassle free as possible, and let your customers know that you care for their convenience so much.

Keeps the dialogue flowing:Communication also needs to be made easier. Your customers should be able to contact you easily, and across multiple platforms. Give them details of email addresses, helpline and toll-free numbers, live chat stations and other points of contact. Your response time should be minimal.

Shower them with offers/discount: We all love offers/discounts! Your online customers too will love being pampered. Some discount/freebies/offer/gift wrapping options are some which will keep the customers to shop more.

Never ignore negative feedback: Ignoring an upset customer is probably the worst e-commerce practice. Customers who voice their discontent are likely to exercise their ability share it online. Show them you care, no matter the situation and do your best to meet their needs

Last but not least; never hesitant to say these two magic words:

“Thanks”, after every purchase; Feedback
“Regret”, after service issue; Negative feedback
That will feel your customer indeed like a “king”.

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