E commerce a Trendy Way of Shopping in Virtual Mall!!

E commerce, commonly known as Electronic commerce has become a rage now a days. There was the time, shopping in malls with cart was known to be trendy, things has change in such a way that shopping in virtual mall or E commerce with Online shopping cart has become latest fashion statement.

With the advent of Online shopping & inception of various companies e.g. E bay,Myntra,Flipcart etc customer are looking E commerce website with positive way. Various factors can be numbered out for this burgeoning trend:

Critical mass of Internet user: With more than 100 million Internet users, the country is beginning to achieve a critical mass of user, who is well familiar with web services. Gone are the days, when computers were being used to gather information & sending mails. Now with the advent of technology, more & more users are moving toward new avenues of shopping. Internet is used for online shopping/payment etc with a click of mouse. Moreover Industry giant such as ebay;Flipcart & new crop of e-retailers are doing their bit to convert the ever increasing number of web user to web consumer.

 Rising middle class with disposable income: Throughout Indian history we  possesses two types of concern-“haves” and “have-nots”. However with the advent of  Globalization & with the rise of small & medium enterprises, foreign direct  Investment & our own Multinationals, millions of new jobs have been created. This  Job creation has given birth a very broad minded middle class consumer who has  disposable income & willing to spent it on new global trend. Spurt in E commerce is  most own to this middle class. These consumers are scattered across the country.  Still, progress of physical mall has been concise to metropolitan & semi metropolitan  cities. In the absence of proper shopping platform in their hometown this middle  class population has easily diverted to E commerce.

 User Experience: Primary driver of E commerce if satisfied User experience of customer. Customer prefers a trusted relationship with an e commerce brand. Still there have been a relatively small number of E commerce players, result in more personalize & preferable user experience for consumers. Various add on services like merchandising, customer service, Free home delivery, guaranteed delivery & return policies has added more spices to this new dish- E commerce.

 E commerce software: Growth of virtual mall would not have been possible had the software were not being available to open Online store. To open a physical store: space/design/architect/material is required in the same way to open a virtual mall- E commerce software is required. E commerce software facilitate Online transaction,Shopping,payment,display of product & services in virtual space. Software is required for both online shop owner & consumer. One needs an online space where consumer & Shop owner meet to exchange product & services. E commerce Software provides all the necessary material to facilitate this exchange.

Mart2web is E commerce software from the professional house of Sankalp which possess all the required features to open your very own online store. Mart2web E commerce software can be integrated with any other software. It enables a full range of e-selling process including pricing and order management, up selling & cross selling.

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