E commerce Trend, new strategies to bring customer in virtual store.

2012 will be revered a year of exponential growth & divert the customer attention from physical store to online store (Although not totally) in E commerce industry!!!

The exponential growth of E commerce can be certified from the fact that it rose from approximately $1.75Bn in 2007, to over $14Bn by 2012.

Bridging the Gap between Physical & Virtual store

The essence of E commerce should include the basic fact of comfort in the mind of customer, when they purchase products from online store. The sense of comfort, whether the cloth they buy will fit or not/ the appliances they purchase will work longer or not/Accessories will be look trend in their living room or not / has been changing rapidly since E commerce companies started try at your home, then…purchase, if not liked send it back …

Social media become more social about reputation management in E commerce

E commerce hinge on extensive use of social media tools to grab an eyeball of potential customers. The thinking is that your brand online reputation should be characterized by more likes/share  on Facebook..more followers on twitter…Linkedin; Blog etc. It means more seamless voice across all channels.

Product Video: more informative & quick in grabbing attention

Most E commerce companies use high quality images of their products, showcasing by different angles/colors/size etc. In 2013 a new trend of product Video on site has been initiated.  Video showcase full story of a product: If we take the example of Shirt, How it look on someone if wear with jeans or trouser/the dressing effect/Pockets/changing color while moving etc… Hence Video facilitates more impact on customer mind regarding the buying decision. This trend is going to be popular in 2013.

‘Shoppable’ Images & Videos

Shoppable images & Videos attract online visitor.  Here the theory works same as physical store uses tempting images & mannequin outside store in positive way. More the shoppable images & Videos are available in online store, more the traffic it will generate & more the traffic, more the sale. This trend is getting its popularity in 2013. Most of the E commerce companies are using shoppable Images & Videos to generate more traffic to their Online stores.

Push Notification

Current reactive nature of “Pull browsing” is changing rapidly to “Push Browsing”. What was earlier only marketing e mail will turn into relevant sms notifications when a customer is standing outside the physical store or relevant basket notifications or when you are tweeting or Facebook update for selected product to your mobile home screen every morning.

Barely a few years of its inception, E commerce has moved out swiftly in the complicated yet promising world of Sale. We may call it by different name, but primary purpose of any activity is SALE, in a matter of time by different methods. E Commerce is proving its mantle thoroughly in this avenue & in coming years several new trends will be getting popular. Watch out this space for more on E commerce.Image

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